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I'm afraid Lufkin Sears is about to do us wrong. We were one of the first customers to buy a mattress in their new department.

We made several visits, explained our particular need, and asked specific questions about returns and exchanges. The Serta Iseries formed two dips, one on each side, within one week, and the mattress is way too soft. We are having to continually rotating it. Sears associates assured us it was a simple return/exchange at no cost several times, failed to give us the proper paperwork, and now they won't talk to us at all, but refer us to the mattress line, which says there is no way around the fees.

Lufkin Sears admitted during each call that their department was new and they "didn't know." We always trusted Sears for every big purchase. I'm hoping Lufkin Sears, and specifically Mr. Purvis, the manager we talked to and admitted he didn't know the mattress policies either, will make this right. At this point, the fees are around $350, whether we make a return or exchange.

The Sears website clearly states Serta has a no restocking fee for Serta ISeries mattress returns or exchanges via Sears. What is going on in this store? Will somebody help us? Why is it the store will apologize over and over for "not knowing" their mattress return/exchange policy (even though they made one up for us on the sales floor), but are unwilling to make it right and waive the fees, at least the restocking fees?

If you can't trust Sears anymore, who can you trust? Update: Regarding our mattress purchase from Sears where Mike and I carefully asked and were told we could make a no fee return or exchange on our new hybrid mattress if necessary, I found where the Sears MyExpert on their website explained their return/exchange policy online in January. Yesterday, the Sears mattress return line associate said the policy changed two months before we bought ours, but could not show me where this change was indicated on the website, just that the policy listed is now different. We were quoted the old policy from four months ago by all sales associates on the floor.

We need to exchange for a firmer mattress. Sears admits it made a the mistake, won't waive the fees of nearly $350, and as I was pointing out that the policy we were quoted was on the Sears website, it suspiciously disappeared from the site, but I took a screenshot of it.

It's the same policy we were quoted on the sale floor. Sears is in the wrong, the fees are excessive, and I'm not sure what to do.

Reason of review: Sales associates misled us when we asked about fees for return or exchange of ISERIES mattress, then apologized, admitted fault, but want about $350 to "fix" issue.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: We just need to exchange this mattress for firm innerspring mattress of equal or greater value, no restocking fees. .

Sears Pros: We are terribly distresses by our first new mattress purchase, We are distressed and upset by deceitful, At sears cares anymore.

Sears Cons: Horrible customer service, Customer service representative, Poor service poor product, Sales people.

  • Serta Iseries Mattress
  • Comfort Guarantee
  • 120 Day In Home Trial
  • Dishonest Floor Associates
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I worked for this company and sold mattresses for them. I can tell you that everything this company does is completely dishonest from the top down.

I hate to say this, but I don't think this will be made right unless you sue them. This company has no morals.