i have been a loyal customer for over fifty years! this is the last time i'll argue fight, complain or anything else.

the battery drill reputation they have is almost unbelieveable. i was suckered into buying a fifteen dollar warranty. they now want to give me a gift card, for what? i've had three of their bad drills, and now have none, and what am i going to do with a sears gift card?

maybe buy a bathing suit, or a garden hose to get soaked again. i only want my cash back, before sears and k-mart file bankruptcy. rumors are suggesting this is very close to happening. if you've noticed very few products in sears tores carry the kemore or craftsman name.

DON'T GET SUCKED INTO ONE OF THOSE PURCHASE PROTECT WARRANTY'S LIKE I DID.sears has made a fool of me, and caused me great embarassment. thank you chas spencer

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