Digby, Nova Scotia

Sears moved call center to Phillipines, you know you were already on thin ice, but now >>>>>?????? Please give me one reason to order from you, just so I can have the misfortune to speak to someone who has little or no command of the english language just to save Sears a few bucks how many jobs wre lost, what pencil pushing dim witted bean counter came up with that jem, Sears should be ashamed as should all companies selling products in Canada, but shipping jobs offshore, for the sake of making 300 % profit for their shareholders instead of just 200%

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Because you moved your Call Centres to the Phillipines my family will no longer do business with Sears. We are long term customers ( over 30 years )and will not see Canadian jobs lost while your company still expects to get a piece of our hard earned dollar. Take all of your Canadian stores to the Phillipines with you.


I have been dealing with the poor sopprt form the offshore call center. They don;t speak the language well, never understand me and then lie and say tehy are in America. Give me a break, your right, the bean counters are destroying Sears just like they have destroyed many other "previously" great American companies.


A lot of other company's do this and the kicker is that these call centers don't have any US laws. So, if the employee steals your information, SS#, credit card info, and uses it. You don't have a legal leg to stand on unless you move to their home country and try to take them to court there.

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