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I had a Diehard battery installed at Sears on 8/06. When I was told my car was finished a note on the receipt said my car wouldn't run. Yet I got it to start and I drove off only to have my car loose power on the interstate while driving in a peak traffic time on 8/14. They left the terminals loose and it damaged the alternator. Now Sears only wants to give me a discount on an alternator a resolution.

I believe my life to be worth more than a discounted alternator. Sears wasn't there as a tractor trailer's brakes were smoking trying not to hit me. I nearly loss my life on the highway that afternoon (and more than likely would have had it been at night) because of them. Trying to get them to even return a call was like pulling teeth.

I've escalated my complaint to the Govenor's office in hopes of getting justice. You can best believe that I won't by anything from Sears again.

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My boyfriend and I also could have lost our lives due to Sears' negligence. Possible lawsuit pending so I won't give details here, but, yes, boycott Sears, esp Sears auto.


Just another ignorant man who thinks he could have done better!! hahaha Actually you are worse than a ***, you are a horses ***!!!


sorry you had such a horrible, frightening experience Loredd. Thank you for letting us all know about this!

Grand Terrace, California, United States #2554

:cry :( :x 8) ;) seears sucks

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom #1514

There, there Princess. If you get hit from behind, it's the other guy's fault for following too closely.

Besides, if you knew you were losing power, and you should have noticed it...

put on your hazard lights and pulled over.

But you're right in saying that Sears are idiots, that's not surprising when you make those kind of wages. Bring a man to help next time, and don't go back to those hacks in the future.

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