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1) I visited Sears Outlet in Melrose Park, IL in early October and spent over an hour in choosing a refridgerator that had a dent or scratch in areas that would not show in my kitchen. The service that night was terrible, and the people who worked there were very rude and less than helpful.. 2) The refridgerator was delivered at 7:30 pm after having a 2:30 - 4:30 window and I had taken a day off work without pay in order to be home when the delivery came. 3) They took my old refridgerator out (in working order but I wanted a larger one) and delivered the same one I had chosen, but it had a new dent in the front in the middle of the door to the bottom freezer. I called the store and they told me the manager would call me the next day. 4) No call came and I called back in four days to be told the manager would again call me the next day. 5) After three more days I called again - the manager was on break and would call me in an hour. 6) Two more days I called him back. He

> told me he would look for another refridgerator and call me back within 48 hours. 7) A week later I had to call him back and he told me he had not found anything yet. 8) I called your 800-customer service number, I believe I had somebody in Texas who told me they had 48 hours to resolve the problem - six days later still no call from anyone. 9) I called the 800-number again and got a different state, and they told me they couldn't do anything about it - it was the delivery service problem and they would have them call me back. 10) The next day, after hearing nothing again, I called the manager and he was again on break. He called me the next day and left me a message - I was out of town. 11) I called him back the next day and he told me to go to Sears in Aurora and pick out a new fridge in the range of $1500-$1800 and call him back. 12) I called him the next day, gave him the model number, the product number, and he told me he would call back after lunch. 13) Three days

> later I called him back and he said the fridge I gave him was not in the computer. I gave him all the numbers again. I had looked on the internet and verified with your web site that it was available in my area; it was and could be delivered in 6 days. 14) three days later, with no call, I called back and spoke with his assistant who took the numbers and said she would call me right back. 15) The next day I had to call her again and she told me she couldn't find the fridge in the computer. I gave her the numbers again, and called her in a couple hours. This time I had faxed the store the print-out that had all the numbers and the next available delivery date, which was 12/15. 16) She told me she still couldn't find the refridgerator on the computer. When I asked if she got my fax she told me the paper was jammed; I waited on hold for them to fix the fax machine. After 20 minuites it was fixed and she looked at the paper and said they had had the wrong stock number (FOUR

> TIMES neither the manager or his assistant couldn't write down the correct numbers ?????) 17) She did call me back and told me she had arranged for the fridge to be delivered on 12/15 - I told her I couldn't take delivery on 12/15, that just the date the computer showed availability. She gave me the number to arrange the delivery date myself, which would be today, 12/22 I again took off work for the day. 18) Last night the delivery department called me and left a message my window was 9:30am - 11:30am. I got up early, rearranged my living room, moved my dining room table, moved the Christmas tree, moved all the presents from under the tree, moved the entertainment stand with my stereo, and put drop cloths from the front door through the living room, through the dining room, and into the kitchen. My food and freezer items have been distributed among neighbors until the delivery, and I put off my holiday shopping until this afternoon when the new fridge was here, and

> figured I would have enough time to cook and put all my furniture back into place before my company comes tonight. I had borrowed a cooler for the items I needed to keep in my townhouse and went out early to get a big bag of ice. At 10:50am the delivery service called me to say that the refridgerator did not get to the distribution center in time for todays delivery!!!

> >

> > I AM FURIOUS! This fiasco has been evolving for ten weeks now, and I will not have this new refridgerator until December 26th! I grew up in a house where the ONLY place to shop for appliances and large purchases was always Sears - no questions asked. What has happened to your company and your customer service? If I treated my customers at my job, I would be fired on the spot! I doubt that I would ever consider buying anything from Sears again, and you can be sure that anyone who ever happens to mention to me that they need to go shopping for anything for their home will listen to the saga of my refridgerator and I will tell them they should reconsider purchasing from Sears.

> >

> > What makes me so angry that nobody I have spoken to within your organization has so much as said they were sorry, or shown any sign or trying to calm this outrageous situation.

> >

> > I just thought you should know you have lost a customer, and probably several others whom I come in contact with. Sears just isn't what it used to be "back in the old days."

12/29 Sidenote: The fridge was delivered on 12/26 - it had a broken kick-plate and the delivery man gave me an 800-number to call for them to send one out, and also before I had my food put transferred to the new fridge, the lightbulb burned out!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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