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Sears holiday ad shows a Father becoming separated from his son while shopping at Sears and frantically running throughout the store to find him. All of I thought of was the horrible events of Adam Walsh becoming separated from his Mother at a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida and then being forcefully removed from the store without his mother by their Security Staff.

Of course, as we all know, the precious little guy was found sexually abused and decapitated. The insensitively of Sears running this campaign is blinding to me. There are so many ways to show the joy of holiday season shopping, but all I thought of was the horrific events surrounding Adam' death.

When I posted this on their Facebook page, they said they were celebrating the fun of holiday shopping. I could give them many other options that do not bring this horrific event to mind.

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I have to say I completely agree with you. I'm shocked that no one at Sears raised an objection.

I wonder how John Walsh would feel about the ad? Idiotic decision by Sears.

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