DON'T EVEN DO IT, DON'T EVEN GO TO SEARS, PLEASE GO TO CONN'S , BEST BUY, LOWES, SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am a very upset and unsatisfied customer.

I went into the sears outlet to purchase a new stainless steel refrigerator. I was going to get a side by side but I really like the new stainless with the pull out drawers and the freezer at the bottom. I had about a 1,000.00, but the manager told me and my husband to try the new sears lease program that had just started in may. We went in on memorial day for a sale and was so excited about the new fridge.

The manager nor any of the other employees was not famaliar with the program but he said we was approved for 1450. and that's what the refrigerator cost would be. I paid down some money over 300.00 and on june 17 they debit my acct. for 255.00.

They kept sending my husband text from the customer service lease ctr. to confirm my bank account. As I was talking to the agent I asked after making all my payment in I believe nov. 2013 I would be finished but then I was advise that there would be a baloon payment of over 800.00 , I immediately told them to cancel that plan and we drove back to sears and talked to the manager to discuss canceling that lease program.

Since then I have drove back to the sears outlet over 3-4 times, lost count and I have called the service lease ctr 4-5 times trying to get this resolved. I have been promised that I would receive my money in 7-10 days and I haven't seen a dime of my money back. I am tired of the run-around and lies. Now the collection team is calling for a payment and we are being harassed for a payment.

This is crazy! I have always bought my washer/dryer from sears for years, but I refuse to shop there anymore and have advised all my friends not to also, and my coworkers at Citibank also.

I don't have free money to throw away for a product that was returned and the contract states that we have 60 days to return and get a refund. At this time I still don't have a fridge, so I am very unhappy.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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The same thing happened to my parents. They took advantage that they don't speak English and that they don't know much about credit. I wish there was something it could be done.


This will hasten SEARS descent into bankruptcy. Went into SEARS home store applied for lease on washer and dryer and was denied.

Income $12k a month. No reason.

When I called the number they gave me WhyNoLeaseIt had MY PHONE NUMBER BLOCKED.Pocket full of credit cards I will simply pay cash. Need a bed too.SEARS lost at least $4500 in sales and a customer for life.


I dont get it. You are told up front how the lease works,i was.

I read about it. You could. There was ample opportunity for you to ask questions , i did. If i had a thousand dollars i wouldnt mess with a lease.

No one to blame but yourself. Just how do you thing a lease works anyway.


Had the same problem. Got a nice deal on a TV, figured it was paid off and then boom!!

a huge balloon payment. Was so pissed, brought the tv back to sears and no one would take it back!!

Then tried to get a pay off figure, but they could not give me anything in writing!! Cannot believe Sears would use such a scam, but then, sears is also out of business!!


If you work for citibank why wouldn't you have a Sears credit card. That is who handles all of sears credit.

In store cards and Sears Mastercard. Seems you should have read your paperwork given to you that prints from register receipt. It explains in full the breakdown of payments from WhyNotLeaseIt a.k.a. Tempo services.

Sounds as though you leased it and then realized the amount of the interest goes up considerably after a the set payments are done. Then they offer you to purchase for a lump sum or break that amount down to payments. A 1400 dollars item will cost you about 2600 total after finance charges are added. Cheaper to get a credit card and take the 0% interest rate.

You are mad at sears yet they are not the company that you made a deal with. Tempo is the company you should be mad at.


You should have read the Contract... I'm sure u didn't leave w merchandise and not sign something....


Carolyn. I applied for leasing and was denied because I don't meet some basic information for approval.

My salary and job should be the bases. May this is one reason why SEARS is doing so bad. The number 855 965 4669 you cant speak to a live person.

All you get is a recording and a survey. PLEASE.

to Carolyn #1484755

Block your number when u call and you should reach a customer service representative


Talking about money I doubt you will ever get back. It happens to me before too.

I hate ordering sears.

They are full of BS. They will give you promise but nothing done.


Have asked Sears Lease to pick up a ride lawn mower, they lied and say it was to lease to own it is not you own it when they say it your so in the mean time they make thousands of dollar and never reduce the balance. 288.

payments a month since June and here it is Nov. and this mower still is 1200. Original price was 1400. What kind of mess they selling.

And all of a Sutton Sears Outlet have no ideal of what's going on. The Original Liar has no clue.

Katherine M.

to Katherine Mills #1398071

Can you go and record them without their knowledge? 1st look at the law in your state in my state as long as there is no expectancy of privacy you can record without their knowledge.

And guess what the register is out in the open where anyone can hear. Go more than once if necessary. Just tell them you want to get a washer set and didn't know if you should layaway or lease. I got a recording of an employee telling me it's the same thing except with lease you get to take it home the same day.

Just don't over do it and send someone else afterwards to ask someone else if you get the right info. The one I asked has been working there for 1 year. The guy that sold me my item told me it was 6 months same as cash he was a new employee and the guy that was supposed to be supervising him walked away in the middle of it. Don't upload it to YouTube or Facebook or anywhere.

They deserve to get a class action suit. I'm planning on starting one cause I'm disabled and I wasn't in a rush plus I waited for it anyhow I was just short a couple hundred which I was waiting for my next monthly check.

I set up this email address so if anyone can get any recording showing that the employee misrepresents what lease is truly about we can get this motion open & closed in no time. They won't be able to deny it.

Make sure you put the address of the location you went.

Be friendly and courteous. Keep it short and to the point don't ask too many questions don't talk over them. If you have any questions how to do the recording ask me I'll explain how I did it so it wouldn't be noticed. Also make sure your ringer is off and the flash before you enter the location.

I know I was lied to. I don't think he just wasn't properly trained. But they should be held responsible for what their employee say. Like I told one employee who explained it correctly they should have a senior employee approve the transaction by again explaining how it works and asking if they understood.

As well as the company should mention that this is not a layaway program. I think it's a scam on both parts but it was Sears who sold me a lie to begin with.

Well enough rambling even though I have a lot more to say. Any questions just email me.

SearsSCAMMEDme@aol.com Sears SCAMMED me @ aol .com Feel free to share to other pissed consumer sites please don't repost to Sears or there goes our chances.

to Lisy Cas #1451911

On the credit card machine it has a full disclosure that explains in detail what you are getting ready to sign. Tour signature means you understand what you read and agree to the terms layed out.

Nobody is responsible for it except you. You failed to read in full the disclosure. Lease is a lease.

They usually never have good interest rates or ownership in the end. Its common sense.

to Tricky066 #1495839

stupid comment


They went into my account and to a extra 105.34 without my approval I told the guy to only take one note, I'm tired of dealing with them

Orlando, Florida, United States #1240951

Hey I had a similar problem. I solved this by calling my bank.

Thankfully I had used a Visa Debit Card for my Down Payment. I filed a dispute and within three days my bank credited by account. Sears apparently uses a place called Westlake to do the rent to own and since they send the down payments directly to them that adds to the refund hassle. I suggest doing exactly what I did and filing with your bank.

Have a short version of all your attempts with the store written down. I feel your pain..

and wish you much success.

Lexington, South Carolina, United States #1176476

The really sucks , a totally rip off.....


Just try and get a hold of the people doing the financing HRS upon HRS on hold they SUCK!

to hate sears #758742

Before seeing this I applied at my sears I was looking to buy a snowblower well we entered all the information and I was denied, my gross income is over $5,000.00 and my credit scores are in the mid 700's no one would tell me why I was denied, so I called their phone number I sat on hold a total of 4 hours over three days. Finally someone answered and told me to send an email and someone would get back to me its now been 2 weeks I think Sears is in serious trouble having to resort to using these clowns. :sigh

Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #747535


How did we know you worked for the company? Considering their track record it makes sense that a rude ignorant person would actually stand up for this travesty of a company.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States #745416

Anonymous in Maryland. U r very rude.

As customers it's the consumer or workers job to make paying customers happy and feel like they can trust them. Just because she didn't do the research does not make her the blame. Saving money at any given time is something that anyone would do.

As an employee, u should know this. Forgive those father that knows not what they say or do.

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