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SEARS NIGHTMARE!!!! Make a buck, screw the disabled child!!!!

After months of savings I was so happy to be able to purchase a top of the line refrigerator from Sears. I went into sears and told the sales representative that I wanted the best fridge that I could get within a certain size range so it could fit through my door. The salesman was very helpful and assured me that he would help me pick out the top of the line because I needed a large capacity as well as reliability. I ended up purchasing a Kenmore Elite 31.7 capacity on March 10, 2015, for 4027.22 in cash out the door. (I hate credit and that is why I spent months saving) Needless to say this was a very expensive purchase for me but one I truly believed would benefit my family

My refrigerator was delivered two days later and I was totally enamored with the huge storage as well as nice features. If I ended here it would be a happy story unfortunately such is not the case. My Kenmore within one month had an Ice maker issue, ugh, what a hassle that was but Mr. repairman came out and fixed it. Ahhh much better, right? NO... Within a few months of the first repair, the ice maker broke again, another dreaded repair visit. But wait, that is not the end, AGAIN the Kenmore went T.U. with the ice maker. Three times is a charm but in this case it was only a precursor to my SEARS NIGHTMARE.

Wednesday evening, September 2, 2015, again my Kenmore ice maker had issue, this time it wouldn't freeze and I only had water in the automatic tray. I called Sears Thursday, September 3, 2015, and explained that yet again my ice maker was having a problem but this time it was different and wouldn't freeze at all and now there was a strange hissing rattling sound accompanying the ice maker saga. My patience, of course was nearing the end with so many problems arising from this "top of the line" and VERY expensive refrigerator. The first customer service specialist, uhhhh, didn't get it not to mention I think there was a bit of a language barrier. So I called back and spoke with a fantastic customer service representative. I gave her my horrible story and she was so helpful up to and including exchanging my model for another model in the hopes that this problem would be fixed for me. So after researching an on par refrigerator we both agreed that the Samsung 4 door would be the perfect choice, the only thing to check on before sealing the deal was the size of the refrigerator, making sure it would fit through my front door. On the sears website under their OWN specification the size of the refrigerator, with doors removed, is listed as 30.875 inches. Perfect it will fit, I thought. I tell the Customer Service Representative, " lets do it ASAP because I am very concerned with the rattling and I am afraid my refrigerator is going to die". Unknowingly she somewhat disagrees and says that it should be fine and that she can get me my refrigerator by Saturday, September 5, 2015. Fantastic, I am happy.

2 HOURS after hanging up I notice that both the refrigerator and freezer are warming up rapidly and now it is too late to call so after buying multiple bags of ice I try to save everything knowing my NEW refrigerator will be here on Saturday. Unfortunately I was not able to keep it cold enough to save everything but I had a protection plan, right? That would save me, that is why I bought it, right?

Friday, September 4, 2015, I call stating that, indeed, my refrigerator is definitely crapping out and everything is getting warm. I ask what the reimbursement is and I was told $250.00. WHAT??? I have a 31.7 cubic foot refrigerator stocked completely. I explain that I have taken measures to keep everything as cold as possible by stocking the all compartments with ice trying to save all that I can and that I have already lost at least 350-400 dollars worth of food but fine, I will absorb that loss. I was told to fill out reimbursement form for 250.00 and sent an email to guide me through the process. (I have not filled out the form due to reasons below)

Saturday, September 5, 2015, 11:20, delivery truck shows up with my new refrigerator. Bad news, refrigerator will not fit. Sears misrepresented the “specifications” of size on their website saying with doors removed the refrigerator is 30.875. The refrigerator, in fact, is 31.25 inches measured three different times and will NOT fit through my door. So delivery personnel reload the new replacement refrigerator onto the truck. I ask them to take the old, dead, Kenmore Elite with them as it is doing nothing more than representing a very large and expensive paper weight in my house. I am told that the refrigerator can NOT be removed because they, (delivery crew) are unable to make a delivery of the new Samsung.

I immediately call Sears explaining that now all of my food is on my counter warming up including my sons every expensive liquid medicine. (As a side note, my son is unable to eat pills and has a liquid suspension medication which far exceeds 250.00 not to mention keeps him from having seizures.)

I get the pat response, I am sorry Mrs. Pringle. I explain that I am a stay at home mother on a fixed income caring for my 100% disabled child. Keep in mind he is 100% disabled, not 80% nor 90% but 100% documented disabled in every capacity. I ask them to please, Please, PLEASE help me and get me another refrigerator because now I don’t have ANY food and my sons medicine is warming up since taking everything out of the refrigerator. The sad thing is had the website not misrepresented the size, I would have a refrigerator right now. So I stayed on the phone with SEARS from 11:30 until after 7:00 p.m. speaking with representative upon representative and trust me there were many.

I was told:

a. There is nothing we can do.

b. We can’t process anything until the Samsung replacement refrigerator that was REFUSED (their ONLY terminology because I did NOT refuse the refrigerator, it wouldn’t fit due to their incorrect specifications) is returned to the warehouse and processed. I spoke with Sears Home Delivery and they claimed they did, indeed, process it as being returned but the computers as Sears are DOS based and take 24-48 hours to update… REALLY?????

c. Your order can not be processed for 24-48 hours and possible not for 72 hours because of the holiday.

End result, this is now Sunday, September 6, 2015. I have called today and spoken with three more people and been passed around again and again and no one can do anything due to processing or lack thereof. This is costing me a mild fortune that I can NOT afford due to sears. I can’t afford to go out and buy food just to throw away any leftovers because I don’t have a refrigerator, anyone who has a special needs child will understand this. Fast food x five adults x three times per day could be as much as 50 dollars each meal x 3 equalling a minimum of 150 per day x 5 (which is a possible date for receiving a new refrigerator )which is 750.00 MINIMUM, not to include gas and inconvenience. However, my son being paralyzed causes dietary issues so that is not an option.

So 750.00 minimum to eat, a loss of at LEAST 600.-700.00 in food, (I have pictures) No refrigerator, no guarantees of when I will get one, having to buy, again, all the food I lost and this is adding up to thousands. Not to mention I am ready to have a complete and total meltdown. I can’t afford thousands due to food loss and no refrigerator and buying out not to mention medical bills and other expenses. We are on a fixed income. A corporation such as Sears should have staff in place for extreme circumstances ESPECIALLY when a Disabled Child is involved. I afforded them multiple options so that my son wasn’t in jeopardy or our financial circumstances. I asked if they could reimburse me so that I could go and get another refrigerator. Declined. I asked if they could just bypass the “processing” and do that paperwork later so that I could get a refrigerator. Declined. I asked if they could please contact someone higher up because of the severity of my situation. Declined, they don’t have anyone. I was told to hand write a letter and mail it to Hoffman Estates, Illinois because sears doesn’t have anyone that is qualified or allowed to bypass the system for emergent circumstances.

Only recourse is to contact, on Tuesday, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General, Disability Law, Media and ANYONE who might be able to help me because I am in trouble and I am scared and don’t know what to do. Sears has been considerably negligent and because of their own misrepresentation and lack of action, my son is now at risk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Reason of review: ineptness.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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