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4 yrs ago after an awful experience with my refrigerator repair (or lack thereof), I vowed never to shop for appliances at Sears again. Then Hurricane Sandy hit and we were without power for 5 days.

I have young children and needed a generator. Against my better judgement, my husband got "lucky" and went to Sears just as a shipment of UST generators came in. $650 later, we were up and running. Next day my husband tried to change the oil as recommended and the plug couldn't be removed.

He brought it to the store and 4 employees also tried with no luck. We were told to empty the gas and bring it back the next day for exchange. Next day, I was told to simply turn it upside down to empty the oil. Not a good solution because the gas cap is on top and the gas leaks everywhere.

Another employee told me to call for service through the master protection agreement. I asked if they give same day service and he didn't no. Of course they don't. We needed the generator for an emergency and someone stupidly suggested waiting for a service call?

Manager finally showed up with someone who was able to loosen the plug.

Next day with no power and the generator quit working. The engine was running but not providing electricity. Of course Sears was quick to say - No Refunds.

Power went out AGAIN today and I didn't even bother with the useless piece of junk. I totally understand not giving refunds because people can buy them, use them and return when the power comes on but this product is truly a piece of garbage and to not stand by the product and offer at least store credit is an insult to injury.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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I just purchased one. It ran great for 38 hours and just quit.

Piece of junk. Has gas and oil new spark plug.

It's garbage! Stay away


Over a month later and I'm still getting the run around. Never EVER stepping foot in Sears again.


I purchase a ust 3500 watt generator it worked for 3 days and stopped. the engine coming on but no power. it really is a pile of junk.