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SO i called my home warranty company to get my AC unit fixed. Mind You im 6 months pregnant home alone witha a toddler.

It is BURNING up outside. they tell me someone will be out the day after tomorrow, which is now today aug,12,2011. No one gave me a time frame or anything just hung up. So i call sears the morning of the repair to find out whats going on about a time (its 9:30 am and allready 87 degrees in the house) they said i was put in the bracket for a 7am to 12 pm rapair.but hes been delayed allready and its looking like 1:30pm for my repair.

and that i would get a call an hr to 30 min before he actualy comes out. so its 1:03om i call them back and they tell me that he is on his way. i tell them ok what happened to someone calling me? they tell me they dont know why he has not called.

so then i do some cleaning and look at the clock and its now 2:30. wth. so i call them and the guy tells me that he is seeing a repair time of 4:30pm. i tell him what happened so far and he calls to verify.

apparently he got an emergency service repair on the way to my house. but again no one has called me. i asked the guy what constitutes as a emergency repair? he says he doesnt know.

ok whatever. so then shortly after hanging up as im making a username and such for this site i get a phone call. i answer and he hangs up i tried calling back and no answer. then he calls again.

its my repair man. telling me he is at the person before me on the list and he will be there about an hr or so. and then sits there chatting on the phone with me asking whats wronge with my AC... hellloooooo for 1 if i absolutaly knew why would i have called sears and sat in the heat for 2 days?

3 if u count the day before where i tried melting the ice myself and trying to get it to work myself. and second of all i allready told sears why are you wasting time? its now 2 51pm and i am highly aggitated. im 6 months pregnant like i said its hott i have a toddler running around being grumpy because he is hott.

i have bronchitis and my toddler has a cold. but ur telling me that is not an emergency repair during the summer? we shall see what happens. i better be getting some kind of discount for all these freaking hoops.

im glad they think we can sit at home all day and not have things to do and they can just show up whenever they want and not have to stick to a timeline. yeah lets call and find out how difficult the next repair is so i can spend more time jacking off here to procrastinate the next job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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