I am now on my 3rd appt. for Sears to come out, we bought there maintenance contract on 5 five items the sent 2 diffrent tec. ( one works in the lawn & gardening most of the time) the 3rd tech did not make it.

I reschedule between 1 & 5 again they did not make it hopefully the 3rd time works. I did do a compaint on there web site got a generic answer. No one can help, We have also bought our appliance from Sears & my husband like there tools but not anymore, guess Sears doesn't want the business.


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Littleton, Colorado, United States #240087

Bought a new fridge. Icemaker did not work.

No appointment available until a week after we bought it (and reported trouble). Techdidn't call or show up. Repeated calls to service center got same scripted response - I'll pass on the message. Wasted whole day.

I think we'll simply return the item. Maybe lost sales will wake Sears up.

Tanjung Mas, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #216312

When you have a maintenance agreement with Sears, they will get to you when they *** well feel like it. I had one on a microwave years ago and it took two months and two visits for them to repair it.

They cite "the agreement says we fix it, but not when".

Take the money you'd spend on an agreement next time and start a savings account and use that money when and if your appliance needs repair. You could have anyone you want to repair it then.


I am also in the same boat as you. We bought our Washing Machine (Kenmore Elite front load) less then 1 year ago.

It stopped working around the 1st of November so we promplty called for service (we also have the 5 year protection program on it). We were given another appointment date for Nov 15th which again was cancelled by sears 1 hour before their due arrival time. We have been given another apt time for Nov 23 but was told by the scheduler that there is nothing that is stopping the company from not making that appointment as well.

I am beyond baffled that is even allowed to be done. The machine is not functional, we paid alot of money for the machine and we paid alot of money for the service protection.

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