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Company S (S-ears) have lost their ears!I have now sent dozens and dozens and dozens of emails to the company – They have been largely ignored on the basis of ‘see no evil’I have written to the company and posted this to the senior management - once again, Company S are blind to my concerns.I have phoned the company – as before Sears have lost their ears and have ignored me as they therefore hear no evil.Sears Cares often responds to complaints raised on They did the same with me BUT WHENEVER I RESENT THE INFORMATION THEY REQUESTED – GUESS WHAT??

NO EARS IN COMPANY S AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM.This is not a complaint about a fridge, TV, phone or anything else; the product itself is immaterial. This a complaint because Sears abuse their customers and completly mishandle complaints.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM FOR IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT THEY S-EARS HAVE NO EARS

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I wrote to the most senior executives; weeks later, without receiving a response I consider them to be ****** that don't give a **** for their disgruntled customers.

I would not recommend that anyone goes through the Sears "customer service" experience I have endured.

Conroe, Texas, United States #604833

If you havent gotten through to the right person yet phone Sears Executive Offices at 800-995-2139.

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