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Company S (S-ears) have lost their ears!I have now sent dozens and dozens and dozens of emails to the company – They have been largely ignored on the basis of ‘see no evil’I have written to the company and posted this to the senior management - once again, Company S are blind to my concerns.I have phoned the company – as before Sears have lost their ears and have ignored me as they therefore hear no evil.Sears Cares often responds to complaints raised on did the same with me BUT WHENEVER I RESENT THE INFORMATION THEY REQUESTED – GUESS WHAT??

NO EARS IN COMPANY S AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM.This is not a complaint about a fridge, TV, phone or anything else; the product itself is immaterial.This a complaint because Sears abuse their customers and completly mishandle complaints.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM FOR IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT THEY S-EARS HAVE NO EARS


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I wrote to the most senior executives; weeks later, without receiving a response I consider them to be ****** that don't give a **** for their disgruntled customers.

I would not recommend that anyone goes through the Sears "customer service" experience I have endured.

Conroe, Texas, United States #604833

If you havent gotten through to the right person yet phone Sears Executive Offices at 800-995-2139.

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