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Bought a Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer and dryer in 2008. Have trouble with washer from the start,clothes tangled, wrinkled so bad every thing had to be ironed.

Heavy loads would get off balanced so often my back would ache from pulling to get the load unbunched. The clothes started to wear and tear until they had holes. Repeated visits from service men yielded no help. They say Oasis washer is known for that problem.

NO recall, so I'm left with wrinkled worn out clothes.

Dryer lint trap leeks lint on the outside of trap even when emptied after ever load. Will not buy another Sears appliance!

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Agree that the washers are junk, had a kenmore HE front loader three years. Replaced $130.00 electric box and now drum and gears have rusted and will not spin.

Have called warranty dept four times each call takes 30-40 minutes because they bounce you to several people and leave you waiting on the phone. Scheduled four service calls, techs have failed to show on two occasions. machine still does not work and I do not have the patients to call the warranty dept to go through the Sears song and dance for the fifth time.

you are btter off to go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a maytag. Stay the *** away from Sears and Kenmore.


There is no agitator on the new Kenmore Elite HE Oasis washers. There is still a huge problem with clothes so wrinkled, you cannot line dry them.


There is a fix for that problem, you need a new main board and sometimes a new agitater thats the thingy in the middle of washer. There also might be recall for that washer.

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