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So I purchased an item from Sear On-Line. It wasn't to be delivered by Sears but rather a third party. The price seemed quite good, but postage was very high, still together it was a good price. I was told I wouldn't even receive the item for month. OK I guess to save some money its worth it. It wasn't. So almost a month goes by and I receive an e-mail that the item was shipped. But wait, an hour later I receive an email that the item was returned and I was being refunded the money. I payed with PayPal which gave me some protection.

So I go back to the Sears site, and look for the same item. It comes up from the same seller, but now instead of being the $30 I paid, the price was $132. Note that the list price of the item was about $65, so this price was just ridiculous.

So I'm pissed because they waited almost a month to tell me they weren't going to give me the item I purchased, and not honor my order. Why it would even take a month for an item to arrive in this day and age should have been a red flag right there.

Something is seriously wrong at Sears. Don't give them a cent until you have the item in-hand.

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