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Update by user Aug 27, 2012

Re-read my review. To be more accurate, Sears didn\'t deny me the credit for the order, but they were in a \"state of review\" of my request that I felt wasn\'t merited in view of the facts. Undoubtedly Sears would have ruled favorably, but I wasn\'t in a patient frame of mind at the time.

Original review posted by user Aug 22, 2012

Ordered built in range for my son. They delivered to the wrong warehouse.

4 calls later we figured it out, but major toss around by Sears. I was told I had to cancel order and re-order. More calls. Installer sent wrong person - he had only installed dishwashers and was totally confused (needed 2 people anyhow).

Another 4-5 calls. Each time I talked to Sears, I would get tossed between the retail store and the on-line desks (all over the country), apologies from people in general, but statements like "We don't use that ordering number. You couldn't have ordered with us." "Oh! You mean the OTHER on-line ordering desk (in another state)." We are now up to about 22 calls (really!!).

I am furious, but digging in here. Finally get it installed and find out my credit card is charged TWO TIMES. More calls, some are 45-60 minutes long, often waiting. Send them my entire bank statement.

Denial that I should get a return of any money. More tossing me around from state to state and different ordering desks. Finally I give up, I call the bank and tell them to deal. The bank deals.

I am credited the money. We are up to about 30 phone calls now. Really.

Fool me once..... not going to fool me again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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