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Purchased deck furniture on line from Sears back in the early part of March. Living in NH we don't put our deck furniture out until well into May.

Which we did. Then it was time to cover our furniture with Sears (duck covers), opened package put on first cover. Which ripped as soon as I began to cover first chair. Called Sears got a run around for a total of 3-4 hours minimum on the phone getting bounced from department to department.

Shell game! After 2 hour on the first day I was told I would receive an email to notify me of the refund. A few days later I received an email stating we have a 30 day policy. Called again spent 2 more hours on the phone once again getting bounced from agent to agent, total shell game...

Long story short never again will I recommend or purchase Anything from Sears. Finished with tier lies and shell game customer service gimmick ......

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Dear Review #1274298:The following is a subjective opinion, but it is my sincerest hope that the details can help you and others cut through the red tape and expedite the process of resolution you need and rightfully have requested from Sears/SHC.In addition, THANK YOU for taking the time in expressing the terrible experience with the Duck Covers you purchased for your outdoor patio furniture from As a fellow Pissed Consumer verified user, I share and can relate to your angst, frustration and your disbelief at the poor quality of the item your ordered, as well as the decrepit behaviors of the Sears/SHC customer service personnel who did nothing to offer the proper remedy promptly and immediately for you.

It is my hope that the suggestions that I offer can assist you and others who are engaged in identical issues, and that the suggestion is helpful.Since the liability factor of your purchase is in the “Catch 22” stage presently, one of the immediate actions you can conduct is to have your bank/financial institution open a ticket with the Fraud Management team to perform an immediate charge back. (I have posted the process of how the Charge back works in general terms in a few 'hundred' posts/responses herein).Currently, I serve as Fraud Investigator/Analyst, and “our window” to work through a disputed charge and subsequent charge-back is within five business days once assigned. Your dispute, specifically is then categorized on our end as an MBE : “Merchant Billing Error”. From there, letter/numeric values from the investigator will link your card account specifically to the card TYPE used (whether Visa or Master Card), etc.

In addition and specifically, the field of determination is subjected to the card type was used (i.e. Am Ex, Discover, outside the MC/Visa platforms). If the card is not Visa or MC, your bank has an internal department to specifically handle that card type. Subsequently, the charge-back will be filtered into the subset system of payments posted during the actual billing of the item in dispute.

The MBE in turn, agent/operator 'coded' to expedite your dispute/rejection of the purchase back to Sears/SHC INSTANTLY. Each dispute received is assigned a category code of the dispute, specific to your particular situation/circumstance. However, please note that your bank/FI is contingent upon which Fraud Management platform is contracted through your bank to do it on their behalf.Here is what you can do in the interim to stay informed and proactive:1. Sears/SHC has literally refused to offer any type of assistance thus far, follow up consistently via email regarding your dispute of your purchase, as it was 'promised' that you would be granted a refund.

Your account will be monitored more closely and any other peculiarities and nuances related to the charges from Sears/SHC as the seller (as all accounts are monitored regularly and in real time 24/7/365 to track your normal spending patterns) and detect any instances where questionable submissions are filtered and unraveled on their end.2. Request a Electronic Return Label from Sears Business to Business platform at

Since Sears/SHC has chosen to employ the “30 return day window” (which technically excludes weekends/holidays/etc factors), this may be of a very strong advantage for you. It very well may be that such a suggestion would be applicable, and may grant you and your bank additional time to conduct the case properly and expeditiously, far quicker than what Sears/SHC will allow for.Thanks again for your time and attention, and please let us and Pissed Consumer know if it all worked out for you.Et Tu Brutae.user

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