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This saga continues. After getting the last two orders placed-I kept checking the order status online.

It changed from processing to "Shipped" -- I was elated. On the day of the promised delivery date, Nov 27 the website changed from "Shipped" to "Delivered." There was nothing "Delivered" so I called Sears Customer Service and, after all the standard enquiries, explained what was going on. The gentleman apologized, as all of them are taught to do, and after putting me on hold for several minutes explained that he would take care of the issue and send me an email -- although I pleaded to no avail. Then I waited to no avail for the email.

I called again the following day and spoke with a young lady who told me that there had been nothing annotated in my order status and that she would annotate it as a "Missing" order and that it would be resolved in 7-10 business days. I told her that I had a deadline and that would not be acceptable. I asked to speak to someone else and she told me that she had the same authority as her supervisors and that they were not authorized to call anyone outside the call center. I asked her to please tell me who was supposed to have shipped the computers.

She told me that the computers had been ordered from another company and she did not know what company shipped them as there was no information in my order status. I asked her how they could keep updating my "Order Status" page based on no information. Of course she could not answer. When I explained what I wanted to do with the computers she gave me the name of the company that was to provide the computers (not Sears as was requested).

She'll probably get fired for that. It took me quite a while to locate a phone contact for this company but I found one at the bottom of the web page and tried that -- after a number of attempts--a young lady answered the phone. I told her my story, she told me that she would help but that she would need Sears' order number. So I called Sears again, explained the situation and was finally referred to something called "Online Solutions" -- I thought this was going to be the major breakthrough.

Wrong again -- the "Online Solutions" lady told me that since there was no information in my order that she would have to refer me to "Offline Solutions." I asked her how long that would take and she told me 24-48 hours.

I explained my deadline and pleaded with her to let me speak with someone in "Offline Solutions." She told me that they only work via email and that she doesn't have a number to contact them. I cannot believe Sears is still in business and I really hate to see such an American icon destroyed by such poor management.

I've given up hope on getting the remaining computers in time to meet the Dec 3 deadline and sent an email advising the school in Belize that they will not be receiving their full computer lab before Christmas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #576463

Please wait for a Sears Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Thank you for holding.

You are not currently in a chat session.

Hi, my name is Randy, and it is my pleasure to assist you today.

Randy: Hi, MBAISDEN! I see you have placed an order with us. While I am pulling it up, please tell me how can I help?

MBAISDEN: I have made multiple complaints about the two orders 43036xxxx and 43036XXXX My Order Status says they are DELIVERED but they were not delivered. I want them both cancelled and the amout credited back to my account.l

Randy: Good Evening, mbaisden.

Randy: I am sorry to hear that you want to cancel the order.

Randy: May I know the reason for canceling the order?

MBAISDEN: There are multiple orders -- I explained that my delivery deadline was before 3 DEC. That obviously isn't going to happen -- so the two orders that I gave you need to be cancelled.

MBAISDEN: Your folks tell me that the orders are missing any information and it is with the OFFLINE SOLUTIONS group. I was supposed to have received an answer by now, but that hasn't happened either.

Randy: I understand your concern and this is very unusual. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Randy: For verification purposes, may I have the full name on the account and the billing address along with the email that was used to place the order?


MBAISDEN: xxxxxx



Randy: Thank you for confirming the order details.

MBAISDEN: I was also supposed to have received a phone call from SearsCares social media rep, but that hasn't happened either.

Randy: Please allow me a moment while I check this information.

MBAISDEN: I went to Best Buy and bought the items I needed tonight.

Randy: Thank you for waiting.

Randy: I appreciate your patience.

Randy: MBAISDEN, I am sorry to know that you have not received your orders. As per our records you have contacted us on 11/29/2012. It will take 5-7 business days to work on your order and get back to you.

MBAISDEN: I no longer require the product, please don't bother working on it any more just credit my account.

MBAISDEN: I have contacted your office multiple times regarding these orders not just yesterday -- check for details.

Randy: I will attempt to cancel the order for you by notifying our warehouse that you have changed your mind. However, the ability to cancel the order will depend on if the order has already been prepped for shipment or not. We will send you an

email within 5-7 days to inform you if we were able to cancel or not. In the event the order is not cancelled, please follow the return instructions on the pack slip on how to return.

MBAISDEN: Should not be a problem since there is no information related to the order ever being shipped -- I paid extra to have it arrive at my home on 27 Nov -- it is now 30 Nov. I just don't understand how the My Order Status page was updated

if the order information is not available.

Randy: I have sent the cancellation request to cancel the order. We will inform you within 5 to 7 business days via email if we were able to cancel the orders or not.

MBAISDEN: There is another order listed on the My Order Status page that indicates "SHIPPED" I told your folks that that order was received on Saturday but the page is still not updated.

Randy: May I have the other order number please?

MBAISDEN: 426988817

Randy: Thank you.

MBAISDEN: I also freceived another order that never made it to the My Order Status page -- I don't have that order number but my card was charged for it. That one arrived via FEDEX the other via UPS.

MBAISDEN: It was for 9 ACER laptops with 10.1 inch screen.

Randy: MBAISDEN, you have placed an order for Dell Latitude D630 Laptop - Windows 7 Professional, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, 2GB, 80GB, DVDRW, (Refurbished) and this item is sold and shipped by zoomusa. The order has been shipped and the tracking number is 984349415018495.

MBAISDEN: Yes -- I received that order on Saturday. I've told them that since I called on the evening of 27 Nov.

Randy: MBAISDEN, did you receive the Dell Latitude D630 Laptop - Windows 7 Professional, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, 2GB, 80GB, DVDRW, (Refurbished)?

MBAISDEN: Yes -- I received that order on Saturday. I've told your folks that since the evening of 27 Nov. I've told you three times in this chat. Yes. I received that order.

MBAISDEN: I have also received another order that has not been listed in My Order Status page. That order was received

Great news. Your order number 429705996 has been delivered!

Randy: Let me check the order and help you with the details.

MBAISDEN: I'm beginning to think I'm talking to a machine -- are you really a LIVEPERSON?

Randy: MBAISDEN, I am a real person.

MBAISDEN: Great -- I don't need any details for the orders that I have already received -- I'm just letting you know that the "MY ORDER STATUS" page has no relationship to any reality.

Randy: To list the orders on your order status page you need to place the order through your profile. Since this order is placed by one of representatives and these orders will not show in your profile.

MBAISDEN: Not true. I placed all of the orders online except for the two that I am asking you to cancel -- those I went to the local Sears store.

MBAISDEN: I thank you for your time and I sincerely hope that we don't lose another American icon -- Sears used to be a great store.

Randy: May I help you in any other way today?

MBAISDEN: No thank you. Good night.

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