I ordered and entertainment center paid for it and i was sent a 5.00 dish instead you read right a dish now they want me to pay again reorder my entertainment center i will not this is the third time they screw up they do not refund your money either they keep sending the ups guy to come and pick up the bowl only problem is they give him a tag sticker that keeps saying entertainment center pick up i called sent 25 emails pointing out their mistake they keep doing it now they want me pay again because they screwed up they told me they give me 40% off my order they refuse to place my order again corprate a joke their busy playing golf not want over ride these *** business practice you pay for an order they F..... up they tell you that you have to pay again you never get a refund if exaple you want something it says its 175.00 be prepaired to pay 350.00 for it never get a refund you be fighting with them untill your grand kids graduate school have grand kids of their own they are theif and lyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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