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I've relocated to Australia and was happy to discover I could buy my favorite sheets at Sears online and have them shipped internationally.

The Sears website lists the sheets at US $189 but as soon as I clicked "ship to Australia" the price jumped to US $229. One would expect significant shipping costs so I thought that was reflected by the increase. No, shipping is $58 on top of that inflated price.

So, even though my purchase would be with a US credit card, in US dollar, and the transaction no different to any other purchase made online whilst living back in the US, Sears wanted to charge $40 more. For what reason? Administration? Pure profiteering for the sake of it? I'll go with the latter.

I adore my sheets but not that much. I switched back to "ship to US address" and from the comfort of my sofa in Oz, paid the "regular" $189 price and sent them to my sister's place in the US, who is now shipping them to me (for significantly less than $58, might I add).

Are you serious, Sears? If you really want to attract an international clientele (as seems evident by having the option available), do not discriminate against them. I can't speak for other countries but with the AU dollar so strong against the US I'm sure if Aussie's were charged "regular" US prices, rather than blatantly discriminatory "foreigner" prices, you'd increase international trade significantly.

You only received my business because I had an alternative to get the goods to me at a reasonable price. Most international shoppers would not and thus wouldn't bother. If you must, a flat $5 fee for an international order is acceptable. A 20% mark-up, on every item, is simply ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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Welcome to Australia. We get ripped off in many more ways than online shopping at Sears.

No one does anything about it.

No one seems to care. *** Aussies just put up with it.


Sears prices online are different in Alaska and Hawaii as well.