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I went online to Sears and ordered a freezer to be delivered to the store. I thought I'd save the delivery fee and pick it up myself.

When it "arrived" I got a very nice phone message from Sears, giving me specific details about the location to pick up the freezer and their business hours.

So I arrange to borrow a pick-up truck and arrive at Sears. At first there is much confusion and I have to keep entering my purchase # into the computer and then an employee tries and we go back and forth with this and that. After a while he tells me that they do NOT have the freezer.

Instead it is being shipped to their warehouse facility at a different location. He cannot verify whether the freezer is there currently, just that it's where it eventually should be. At this point it's too late in the day to go to the warehouse, anyway, because they are already closed.

I go home and call customer service. They are less than helpful.

So I cancel the order and buy my freezer from a local business (should have gone there in the first place!). A month later I see that my credit card has been billed for the cost of the freezer--it then takes several phone calls to get that corrected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Anything ordered from online or involving an 1-800 number be aware. You are not dealing with a competent employee.

An in store employee can help you the most. The online people are very limited.