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Normally, I research companies before making a big online purchase, but I didn't in this case because, hey, it was Sears! BIG MISTAKE.

I wish I had read all of this before I dropped $1000 on an oven that I ordered from Ordered on March 3, got an email saying the oven would be delivered March 13. No oven ever came. Called the 14th and got the run around from their customer service for 3 days.

They kept telling me they are checking on it and they would call me back. NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK from Sears. I even called corporate - what a joke. They talk a nice talk but thats all it is - talk.

They said they would get back to me too to tell me what was going on, but shocker - they never did. "Nick" and "Dawn" and countless other customer service reps gave me the run-around, never got me an oven, and never gave me a refund. So essentially, Sears stole our money and I had to dispute through my credit card. BUYER BEWARE!!

I'll never buy anything from them again, not even from their mall retail store. I don't care if other stores sell the same thing for triple the price...the other stores will always get my money.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Wish I would’ve seen this years ago I just got scammed aswell


They just did the same thing to me!$1500 for a side by side range that took 6 weeks to be delivered, then delivered with major damage. They have refused to refund my money, won't pick it up or exchanged it.

I've called 20 times and was told it is all automated and so they cannot produce a refund. I now have a worthless appliance and am out $1500! I'll spare the details of why it took 6 weeks to deliver. Absurd excuses.

This is absolutely a scam operation. Do not order anything from them.

Don't listen to their excuses. This company needs to be shut down by the Feds!


Same thing happened to us over a $1800 fridge! Still have no fridge and no money and I need someone to help me and tell me what I do from here.

I'm so upset I want Sears to make this right but I feel like I'll die of old age before that! Hint I'm only 27!

Scr*w Sears! I hate them, they are bad people!


I work for Sears Outlet. Naturally I want to remain anonymous.

Don't believe anything they say. They will steal your eyeballs out of your head. Do you know how you can tell a Sears Employee is lying thru body language- their lips are moving. They sell *** defective returned merchandise they get from Sears and other retailers, real salvage stuff that has been *** minimally repaired, charge close to regular retail price, and try to scare you into buying their hideously overpriced service agreements.

and they charge 80 dollars for delivery and removal of old appliance. Lowes and HomeDepot deliver for FREE. Sears will be cast on the well deserved garbage heap of disreputable retailers within 2 years, their stock is nearing junk rating, and then anyone who bought their 5 yr service agreement will be *** out of luck. They are so dishonest they pretend to help charities like vererans by taking donations from customers, then converting them into Sears Gift Cards which they distribute to the verterans and they make a 30% markup on your donation.

Sears does not match ONE PENNY of your donation, so 30 cents of every dollar you donate goes to-SEARS PROFIT. Another classic scam is selling Craftsman Commemorative Bottle openers for 10 dollars each and they say the money goes to local fire departments. You guessed it- 2 dollars to fire department, 8 dollars to Sears (the openers are made in China and cost 50 cents each.

They are the lowest form of corporate ***. BEWARE


I researched for days to find the best price on a washer and dryer for my home. I was even willing to drive 150 miles to pick up each. I called the stores to make sure that the internet was reporting the proper info.

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I was so excited to find this dryer for $219.93! Item details were new floor model. So I call, and of course they don't have it and they say they are working to remove it from the internet site. So I call the Sears Outlet helpline wondering if they match prices from outlet to outlet figuring it was a long shot. To my surprise, the girl on the line says that they do match outlet to outlet. She made sure to state that they do not match Sears store to Sears outlet, but they do match Sears outlet to Sears outlet. SCORE!! I decided to have the dryer shipped so I didn't have to drive to the next closest location which was like 200 miles away. I call a store in Pennsylvania or something where the dryer is $550. I state to the guy what the girl on the phone told me about price matching. The guy at the store said this is a brand new dryer and he’s not selling it for $220. He says they do not match from outlet to outlet and he doesn’t know why they told me that.

Annoyed, I call the outlet helpline again. This time I get a girl who states that they do not match prices outlet to outlet and she can't believe someone else told me that. Well, she did tell me that when I called Thursday, August 22 2013 at 1:50 P.M. for six minutes. So this girl tells me that she's really sorry the other girl told me that they price match. She stated that she could offer me %10 off, or shipping of $69.99 instead of $200. Well of course I say give me the $69.99 cuz that's a $130 savings as opposed to %10 of $550 which is only $55. So 31 minutes later, I'm paying $740 for my dryer. This includes tax and shipping. My card is charged pending $822 and some change because she had to make the order first and then go in and change the shipping. Weird, but fine, whatever works. So the next day my mom and I go to Lowe's to order my washer because they have it for 780 and I get a %10 military discount, so in all I end up paying $775 for a brand new washer there. So my mom and I are discussing the dryer and she says the math isn't right on the dryer. So $550+$69.99+%9.5 tax=$672-ish. I was like, wait a minute, that's a $75 difference!!!! So I call Sears outlet back to see why they tried to jack me out of $75. The girl says they only offered you %10 off is what the notes say. I go through this whole spiel I've written here. She gets a manager for me. So the manager says he can't change the shipping because of something about parcel service. ANNNNNDDDDDD?????.......I want my dryer for $680 like I was told I could have....not to mention the first place in which I was told I could have the dryer for $220 (does not include tax or shipping. I would have been fine paying $200 for shipping had they given me the dryer at the original price they stated they would.) This guy offers to give me an $85 store gift card or give me the dryer for $750. Um, already I can get it for $740, so apparently you're trying to rip me off even further, and what the fruit am I going to do with your wack $85 gift card. So I say, "I want my dryer for $680". I am told there is no way he can get this dryer to that price. So I just cancel the order. This is the worst case of customer service and misleading I have ever been apart of. Who runs a business like this where no one gives the same information and the company doesn't back up what they say. It's absolutely disgusting. And as a side note, I went back to the website and this dryer for $219 is STILL THERE!!! and it’s August 24th. It’s been two days and no one can figure out how to get this dryer off the website?


After wasting 14 hours on phone with Sears My Home and Outlet and being told I can exchange, no you can't exchange, it's My Home responsibility, no it's Outlet's, etc. I am now stuck with a $1400 mower that won't run after 30 minutes of delivery.

I have spoken with 26 reps between My Home, Sears and Sears Outlet in 24 hour period and been told at least 6 different stories. Never buy from Sears or Sears Outlet. This is inhumane what I have been put through. My arms ache, my ears are burning and I am physically and emotionally exhausted from this.

I plan on printing out my cell phone call log to prove to Sears Corporate what I have been through and send emails and letters to everyone I can.

Something has to be done, you shouldn't spend hard earned money on something brand new and have it break down in 30 minutes then be told you are out of luck. I was told I would have the backing of Sears and Sears warranty but that was a lie.

Sears Response

Dear Anonymous,

My name is Brian and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I saw your comment here and I wanted to reach out and apologize on behalf of Sears for the difficulties that have occurred with your online oven order. We would like the chance to speak with you more about this situation, and ensure that everything is being done on your behalf to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the oven was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition please include the screen name that I have assigned you (305706) in your email for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Brian S.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support