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I ordered a bed frame on-line. When I received it, I only got a headboard and footboard. I reviewed my order, and it was indeed, an entire frame that I had ordered. After hours talking to various inept people, Sears claimed that the ad was incorrect and that it would cost an additional $200 for the rest of the bed, that I already ordered and paid for! They refused to refund my money, so I have a headboard and footboard in the garage now.

I ended up ordering another bed from Overstock for a great price, and it was delivered for $2.95 shipping fee, in just a few days. It is also a much, much nicer bed than the *** that Sears sold me.

Interestingly enough, I had boycotted Sears for about eight years due to another issue with them related to a washer and dryer, but decided to give them a go with the bed order since eight years had passed. What a mistake.

Another boycott is in process, and this will be longer, I promise!

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They said that it was an "advertising error" but would not stand by their ad. They admitted that it showed and described an entire bed, and that I had paid the entire amount in full.

But they dug in their heels and refused to sell what was advertised and paid for. They insisted I pay an additional (large) sum of money.

I've never experienced such blatantly unethical, if not criminal, behavior by a retailer. It was like dealing with extortionists.


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why did they refuse to give you a refund?

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