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I worked at Sears for about 5-6 weeks. I was part time and always refused to work over 30 hours because I knew I would not get the benefits.

Luckily I was not a sucker to this game after working at Marshalls for 4 years as a sales associate. When I became a cashier at Sears I was always asked "how many credit cards did you sell?" It was always about credit apps and was a guilt game. Now why would anyone want a credit card from a retail store going under? This was my summer job too, but after quitting few days ago I was supposed to be paid last Friday.

Nothing came (usually direct deposit). I email HR who asks how many hours I worked between a certain time. I responded with the hours and asked in return "Do you guys really not keep track of your employees hours?" How frightening : / Also I am a very hard worker but I noticed I was always lectured on everything. Did not close registers right.

It is really risky and unprofessional to keep over 2000 dollars in a register in such a busy store. Most retail stores take out the 100 dollar bills and put it in a safe. No Sears just tells you to count it out, put it in a bag, and toss it behind a counter. At Marshalls I got to see the vault and the person who counts the money.

At Sears I have no freaking idea where that money goes, but seems sketchy. Lots of young and bitchy coworkers under the age of 21. I was the second oldest cashier and I am only 23. So yes Sears does not hire older cashiers, and they do not care about your prior work experience since they started me off at 8.25 per hour after leaving Marshalls at 10.25 per hour.

I hope they go under, and I hope the CEO goes bankrupt for his recklessness and carelessness.

This is the worst store I have ever worked for and seen people shop at. You are better off at Walmart or a TJMaxx store to be honest.

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