Joliet, Illinois

My experience with Sears Optical in North Riverside, IL, was horrible! They made my bifocals incorrectly, and I told them they weren't right when I tried them on, but the guy who told me he is store manager (turned out the real store manager is on pregnancy leave) told me to take them and try them for as long as I want, and I'd probably get used to them.

I took them back three months later, the manager measured my eyes again, and sent in a new order. I said, "Don't you need to send these back?" and he said no. He told me they would be ready in 7-10 days. It's been a month and I still don't have them.

I called every week and was told they're still working on them, they don't know what's taking so long, they're in the mail, etc. Today the manager called me and said the lab can't make the new glasses until they send in the old frames! I've been waiting all this time for nothing. I want to note that I called the Sears National Customer Relations Dept.

at 800-549-4505 was very professional and did a really great mediation job, hopefully resolving this to my satisfaction. Sears Optical supposedly is going to have me pick out a new frame today, send my order in as "express," have the glasses remade for free, plus give me a 20% discount off the price I already paid.

We'll see...even if so, I would never buy glasses there again.

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The lady at Rochester, MN Sears optical was the worst... Very Very rude...

I asked to speak to the manager, and she then told me the manager was on vacation and that the manager left her in charge and "she would say the same thing I am saying." Have never gone back and never will. Their auto dept isnt good either. Seem to have real problems finding the car trouble and then fixing it to make it last a reasonable amount of time... like, say, a month.


I agree with Ticked Off.. I don't miss KMart and I'd miss Sears even less.


Yeah Sears Optical is still ***..........Now, the eye doctor uses a computer to do all his work for him...the employees are nice until they have your money....and I have never seen a place where it takes two weeks to get a pair of glasses made....while I was waiting, there was an older gentleman there that had also gotten new glasses and couldn't see out of them, just like mine! I sent the ones they made back and told them to put my old script in.....of course, it took another two weeks to get them..I was sick of seeing the surly employees and driving to the stinking Mall..all over a pair of glasses...oh, will notice no matter how many people are waiting in line to be helped, there is always one person who is doing absolutely nothing except taking out the mirrors..I think she was the Manager at the store I went to...too good to dirty her hands with customers?

Reminds me of a state crew..1 person working, 4 sitting around...totally freaking useless......they have gotten the last of my money. And of course, it is like pulling hen's teeth to get a case out of them.....

Look, the frames are Made in China, no matter whose name is on them..the store pays like 6 to 15 bucks for each frame..the lenses cost Sears a grand total of 29 dollars to get ground to your they are making plenty of money off of these glasses.....unfortunately, the bottom dollar is the bottom dollar with these folks.....good little robo-trons ....look out for the business and screw the customer...there will be more customers..right?

I stopped buying any kind of tools from Sears years ago..they failed or tried to not replace a part under warranty....I told them , this saw is leaving with you better find someone to pay for it..because I am not. If they went Chapter 11 today, no one would miss them...Kmart left our state years one missed them either......


Yes, Sears Optical Sucks.

I had the same experience calling the Sears National Customer Relations they were no help at all! I will never go to Sears Optical ever, they are separate from the store and the so called optical manager could care less about you and your needs.

A very poor advertisement for Sears. I'm done with them!