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Sears has a new catalogue out " Sears our buyers best" catalogue dos not honour all the sales in its catalogue. I ordered 6 pairs of Dickies work pants regular price 39.99 on sale for 19.99 the person taking the order said the pants were not on sale.

This catalogues start date is Sept.25

until June 17, 2011. In the catalogue on page 79 shows the pics and add 1/3 of the page I explained, his answer was that Sears made a mistake and these work pants should not have been in this catalogue, they are not on sale and only offered are at the regular price of $39.99. How can this be?

Well I guess Big corperations once again can do what ever they want. Beware Consumers Sears not what you think they are.

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Seriously, they should have either mailed out a flier or something stating that the price was incorrect but if they didn't, then they should honor the price.

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