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Had washer/dryer breakdown over and over again, since I purchased it from Sears.. First breakdown was 3 months after I purchased it new..

Then it continually kept breaking down about every 8 months. They switched motherboard, sensors, motor...All the while I'm paying extended warranties, repairs.. Not only is it an inconvenience to not be able to use machine while its down, the fact that the washer/dryer unit kept breaking down, getting repaired, then breaking down again was beyond frustrating. Finally a complete refurbish was done after multiple break downs.

So refurbish was done, everything worked only to breakdown again (5) months later. The same technician that did refurbish came out and claimed that someone had removed a zip tie from a sensor, the motor had yanked sensor and damaged it, causing new breakdown. He claimed he hadn't forget to put zip tie since he was last person to touch the machine.." His theory is that "someone" went in opened up the machine removed 1 zip tie and then closed it all back up" are you serious? What sounds more likely..

that a person went into the laundry machine opened it all up to remove 1 zip tie to break a machine down or the fact that the technician made a simple mistake forgot to zip tie a part after he refurbished, causing another breakdown. On top of not fixing machine correctly his response is to accuse people of sabotaging their own appliance? How does that make any sense? Why would any homeowner open their own appliance to remove a zip tie so it would break their own machine down?

After all the money spent on previous repairs , warranty extensions, etc. senior technician was now telling me this new problem ( he likely caused) was going to cost me an additional $200. In addition he also said, if I did fix this new item he was sure I'd likely have another breakdown next year.

After 2+ years of frustrations and money and time spent I told him to forget repairs. I was going to buy a new machine from a company I could rely on.

I also had a similar experience with a refrigerator I also bought from Sears outlet 3 years ago, fan broke down was noisy, wasn't cooling properly, repairs, warranty extensions.. Ended up donating it.

Needless to say appliances I have bought from Lowe's and Home Depot have never give me any problems over the years, not even 1 repair or complaint. This issue is specific to Sears.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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