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Sears outlet sells broken down used appliances that do not work. They are not scratch and dent stuff but returned product that their incompetent service people were unable to fix.

They will sell it to you without refurbishment - so now you can go through the same thing the original customer did. If you do not buy that add on insurance they will charge you to fix an appliance that they know does not work at the time of the sale to you. If you have been victim by Sears Outlet appliances then call or write MARKETPLACE CBC so that they can get this out.

Perhaps if there is enough people we can start a class action against them - punitive damages extra. We must ensure that Sears will not be allowed to victimize anyone else with these illegal practices.

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Unfortunately, some machines have defects and the chances are higher on the outlet since the machines have been transported from location to location and some have been previously returned. Central delivery performs a terrible job, along with their management, which are NEVER NEVER available!

If they damage any machines, the store needs to take care of the issue even though central delivery were the ones who damaged it (they don't compensate for it) and the sales associates lose the sale and comission, which is already so low.

Since it's a contract we can't replace the delivery for a local company more competent and that actually cares.IF YOU CAN AVOID USING DELIVERY YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF!

However, regarding the stores, there are also great deals on new mechandize with dents, I worked on one of these stores and know you can find amazing refrigerators for up to 50% off. For the best buy, go for ITEMS MARKED AS NEW, you can usually tell by looking at them or smelling inside.

My family and I have purchased several items from the Outlets and so far it's been years with no issues, from refrigerators to laundry.


This is not true in the store where i'm from we have purchased washer and dryer 1 kenmore the other maytag had dents on sides of both ( could of cared less) but i've had them close to 10 years now

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