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Sears sent someone out a few weeks later. They ordered a top and gave us a date. My mom waited all day from 8am to 5pm as instructed. NOONE called or came out. Sears said that they forgot and rescheduled for today. The called and had to reschedule for next month sometime in Feb. This is NOT acceptable!! It is going on 4 months now. I expect for this to be resolved today!!! We have been loyal Sears customers for years, but I guess the customer...
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h.kitchener Your experience seems to be common now with Sears. Best to shop elsewhere.

I contacted Sears online for appliance repair. The tech came to my house and took my stove apart my stove is still apart he did not put it back together He took my check and said that he would come back in two weeks. I asked how could I cancel because two weeks is two long to go with out a stove. He said that I needed a regulator. He took my check and he left. I call another company andy the repair men said that the sears tech had taken the...
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I prchased a gas range from Sears: paid for install and extra code ***. After tech left I noticed the door would not shut properly, so I called repair for the Brand new range. Repairman came the next day and played with the door and said it couldn't be fixed and I'd need an exchange which was fine with me. Here's where the Sears nightmare started. After speaking with "resolution specialist", I was told the repairman worded his report wrong and...
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Yesterday I had set up an appointment for an oven repair between the hours of 10 and 2 PM. I rearranged several appointments and meetings for the appointment and waited for the oven repair person to show up. Toward the end of the four hour window I decided to look further into the details of my confirmation and verify I had the time correct. I was surprised to find out that my time has been changed WITHOUT any email or phone notification. I...
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I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service