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A Sears employee near me has been ridiculed, sworn at, denied paid vacation time, denied breaks, and treated with utter disrespect. Is there a standard for owner behavior?

Can an employee deny requested vacation which is requested 3 or 4 months in advance? It would be well to check into the management style of the Sears owner in Yankton, SD. Costumers do not appreciate this owner's behavior. This behavior makes the store unfriendly and calls into question the ethics of the Sears Corporation.

I would suggest that you screen you franchise owners more carefully and regularly check on their ethics. In this case, review the owner's financial stability, crude behavior, possible illegal actions concerning staff and look into an owner who follows the law.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #1356153

Unethical does not mean illegal.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1344460

Mind your own business. If someone doesn't like the working conditions in the business they work at, then the solution is to quit and go elsewhere.

to h.kitchener Hampton, Virginia, United States #1354424

Well, not everyone has the means to just up and quit. If you do, congrats on not making the *** wages Sears pays its slaves...

erm... "employees".

to h.kitchener #1355706

Yes, I agree. Everyone has a choice, always.

If they are unhappy they should find another job. If they don't agree with the store/owner's policies, then shop somewhere else.

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