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2 bands that surround the door shelves broke.

I ordered new ones and they are too large.

Sears said I had to have them trimmed.

They want me to either travel 20 miles and pay around $18 in tolls to go to a repair center or charge me $95 to have someone come to me to fix THEIR issue.

Why should I have to pay to fix THEIR issue? They refused to help unless I paid them or go to THEIR repair center.

I spoke with THEIR complaint department manager and he finally said he would give me a 20% discount for a repair person to come to me which would drop the price to $77 to again, fix THEIR issue.

What a rip off. They charge $68 for the parts and then they want another $77 or have me travel to their repair center to trim the braces. How many people can trim a metal rod and also, how would they know how much to trim it if I cannot bring the refrigerator with me.

There are openings at each end of the rods to hold the end pieces that go onto the door. There are protrusions on the end pieces that go into the holes If you trim too much the slots will be cut off, then what?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want the braces for the middle and bottom shelves to fit or send someone to me to fix it FREE, NO CHARGE..

I liked: Equipment.

I didn't like: Repair policy.

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