I ordered 2 bearings for my Sears band saw from Sears Parts. They cost $6.18 each with $8 shipping.

Later, I found the same bearings on EBay for 59 cents each and free shipping. I tried to cancel my Sears order and Sears refused to do so, even though they had not shipped the order yet. Not only that, but said these are non returnable parts. So once you order something with Sears, they force you into taking whatever you ordered.

I called my credit card company and told them not to pay Sears and they will honor my request. I'll refuse the order when it comes in and Sears will have to eat them, plus the shipping charge. All because they wouldn't cancel my order.

Seems dumb to me.

Do not do business with these people. You see so many bad reports about them and for good reason.

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