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I have an issue with the Concord Mall, Wilmington DE store and the 5 minute guarantee. I went to pick up an item on Sunday 11/27 at 10am.

After sitting there for 29 minutes before my item was located I realized that the 5 minute policy is only for the associate's review not for the actual service. My order was "completed" the first time in 1:11 minutes. I added it to the board again and it was "completed" in 4:55 minutes. At least the average wait time went up.

I was there for 29 minutes. I asked an HR associate to check why my order was completed. Sure I got a $5 off coupon but what I really wanted was for my order and the other three orders to stay in the *** for THE ACTUAL WAIT TIME. The reported rate on the board of 98% completed in 5 minutes or less is a LIE and the numbers need to reflect that!

Just don't LIE and HIDE behind a 4:55 minute mark and give a coupon. Post the right numbers and do something about the actual wait time!

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