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We've bought our appliances at Sears for 20 years, but never again. We just bought a refrigerator and stove.

We had a problem with the stove and I called to see if it was covered by warranty. 2 hours on the phone but they would ONLY schedule an appointment. Part was delayed; 3 weeks before it was repaired. Then I moved our high-efficiency washer; bought shipping bolts, but washer now leaks transmission fluid.

All Sears will do is make an appointment, not tell me what it will cost.

Website says to call for troubleshooting, but NOBODY will troubleshoot.

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We bought a go cart from sears with the 3 year protection agreement on June 7, 2013 and by August 2013 it had been torn up 3 times. They woul call and give us a time frame from 1 to 5 and someone over the age of 18 had to be there and we would arrange that and then they would call that same day and say that they didnt have a tech that could work on a go cart and then it would be 2 more weeks before they could come and they done the same thing again.

My kids never got to ride this go cart hardly any because it stayed torn up all the time. The last time they came out they said the carburetor was cracked and they wouldnt cover that due to misuse and we took it to a mechanic and the carburetor is not cracked so they just told us that so they wouldnt have to pay for any more repairs.

This the sorriest company I have ever dealt with and I will never buy anything from sears again. Everybody needs to read these comments before they buy from them I wished I had.