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Bought a Kenmore Oasis in Jan. 2008 with a 5yr.

repair warranty. Washer broke for the third time . Called the service Their best response time is 8 days away.

After the problem is diagnosed and a part is needed it will take another week to finally get it fixed. We have bought and owned Sears products for many years and their service was great. Sears service anymore is terrible. Your best bet is not to buy their products or their warranties.

You can get better service from other companies. I know that I will not buy anything from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I have a top-mount refrigerator/freezer that needs to be repaired. I called for an appointment.

It's 8 days away!!!! That is not customer service.

It's customer abuse. I will NEVER buy another Sears appliance.

Sears service anymore is terrible because there soonest available apointment time for a contracted service tech to get out to you is 8 days away? After years of buying from Sears and having no complaints you would give up that to go to other compeitors that do not even compare to having great and reliable products at great prices?

Not to mention great warranites. Did you know that a Sears is the only retailer that offers a protection agreement that will replace the item completly if there has to be four repairs made on the item within a year? Did you know that with the purchase of a Sears protection agreement that Sears will make yearly house calls for product checks? There is several more features of a Sears protection plan that other retailers don't even come close to.

You should do your research. All other major retailers care about is taking your money.

That will never amount to the loyality Sears has to its customers. When the other companies give you a hard time or dis-satisfy you I am sure Sears will be there to welcome you back!


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