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I bought my Samsung HD TV at Sears. I did purchase the 3 year extended warranty.

Good thing, too. After only 1 year, the TV started having problems. The TV is now only 3 years old and so far, the main pc board has been replaced twice, another board was replaced, and they installed 2 defective 40" LCD panels. Now Sears is going to give me a new TV because a new LCD panel is no longer available for my TV (only after 3 years?????).

So, now I have to wait 5 to 7 business days for STAC to call me and get my information, then they will email the Sears Electronics manager and then they will tell me when I can go and select another TV. WHY DOES A CUSTOMER HAVE TO WAIT 5 TO 7 DAYS FOR A TELEPHONE CALL??? The last time an A&E Factory Service tech (Sears repair) was at my home, he had to call STAC. Now, my question is this: WHY COULDN'T THE SEARS REPAIRMANI LET ME TALK TO STAC RIGHT THEN AND THERE?

Sears DOES NOT give a *** about their customers. I think that is where we got the word "seersucker" - - searsucker LOL.

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So you bought a TV that SAMSUNG made... it went out after 1 year and the extended warranty DID PAY OFF! (several boards, LCD panels at no additional cost) and you needed to apply a bit of PATIENCE (because thats not a good trait to possess?) and your complaining.

Sears came to the rescue... but took a bit long. It's not like you went without hot water or electricity.... things take time.

EVERY RETAILER ON THE PLANET has complaints... Sears happened to make a STRONG effort in fixing your problem (despite SAMSUNG making the TV)... you should thank them.

Be Objective Plase

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