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I have had my Sears/CitiBank credit card since 1981 and have had a perfect payment history until 2014 when SEARS made an error and charged my account additional fees then credited part of their fees and then finally credited the entire amount of the additional fees to get back to a zero balance since the account balance was paid in full for one purchase made in April 2014. But in the meantime they reported my account as 30 days late July 2014 and September 2014!

so after receiving a formal letter from my attorney this year 2017 when I learned what they had done, Sears removed the 30 days late for September 2014 but not July 2014 for a $10.00 fee! (yes, I had all my records for 2014). The balance they reported as not paid in 30 days was their own added fees!.... It is so ridiculous that a moron with remedial brain comprehension could come to such an illogical approach!

It's one amount that SEARS added to a ZERO balance that was paid in full in 30 days so how in the heck they could reason that oops we are going to credit the additional fees, the customer did not pay anymore than the amount due in full but let's just stick it to the customer any way with two 30 days late reporting. How demonic can Sears be? Everyone knows that attacking someone's credit score has many ramifications and could cost a consumer additional money based on the rating of their FICO score. I am making this public complaint not for myself as their vindictiveness did not harm me as I added a comment and its the only late on my report in 30 years so no merchant pays attention to Sears report as they look like the LIAR that they are.

Ever other credit grantor on the report shows the complete opposite of what they show so they look stupid, not the honest consumer. I mean really...ding someones credit for $10.00 and you made the mistake! Just wicked to do that to any consumer over a miniscule amount and let me reiterate, an error they made not the consumer. And BTW since I've made it known publicly about the facts of what Sears did in the dark, I just received a letter saying if I don't BUY something with my wonderful Sears credit card since 1981 then they are going to close my credit card account.

Really patronize a company that is unfair, rude, dishonest, poor customer service, and a shoe string away from collapsing? I say let the chips fall where they may as in principle I refuse to honor a company that is not honorable and does not deserve the PRIVILEGE of having me as a customer. In closing my fellow consumers remember YOU have the POWER , it's not the other way around. We make companies successful and we can take the success away when they don't value us.

In the New Year 2018, exercise YOUR POWER and stop patronizing businesses that don't treat consumers right, and I mean not just not personally treating you right but the masses of other consumers too. Here's my list of unfair and worst practices companies (I maintain evidence so if they want to say otherwise I have proof to support my claim): 1. AT & T/Direct TV (document EVER conversation and watch your bill with this long term chronic billing issue company) 2. Wells Fargo (Why any one would remain a customer of a known fact that they made up fake accounts without customers knowledge is beyond me.

I had them as my mortgage company for less than 3 years when I experienced blatant dishonesty. I gladly ATE the cost to re-fi early to get rid of dishonest Wells Fargo and never had one issue in 13 years with US Bank and have paid off my mortgage. The re-fi amount was well worth the peace I received from being in partnership with a mortgage company that did not play games, lie nor steal from me. 3.

Comcast/Xfinity - Watch the "bait & switch" tactics and flat out lying. In my state you are allowed to record your calls and I record every one of theirs and OMG chronic lies are found between verbal conversation and then your bill! 4. Sears - Poor customer service..really they can't handle the USA and have the nerves to use employees in Philippines ..just awful service.

Watch your bills and layers of "additional fees". 5. Still watching Bank of America who is at least trying to turn things around after screwing many mortgagees and in bed with Countrywide and the whole housing debacle! They also lied to me about agreeing to a credit card frequent flyer loyalty program for 5 years but can't prove it so after I have been loyal for 5 years they started taking away my points I had been accruing over the 5 years which like my AMEX rewards I did on purpose to save for a big travel plans..BANK OF AMERICA VOIDED OUT MY LOYALTY POINTS..JUST TOOK THEM!

I can't stand them for this, just dishonest too. Those are my top 5 of companies I try not to do business with either for personal experience or moral compass reasons. These are my "Keep one eye open" companies that are friendly and good but conveniently and often their math is a little fuzzy...:-) 1. H.E.B - watch your original receipt closely if you return an item...caught them many times over the years where the refund amount doesn't match the original amount...hence always keep your receipts!

When you ring up, watch the sale prices closely as they don;t always ring up as the advertised price. Just recently I bought eggs on sale for $.99 a dozen, they rang up as $1.38 each...and yes I went back for my $.78 in principle! If a million customers were short-sided a dollar even if accidentally, that's and extra $1 million dollars added to a company's bottom line. Heck I have return back to H.E.B for as little as $.30 over charge.

Its the big picture that I make a stance for and wanting them to know I AM WATCHING YOU. 2. Randalls- watch your original receipt closely if you return an item...caught them last week twice where the refund amount doesn't match the original amount...hence always keep your receipts! Last week their price tags advertised Russell Stover candy box...$9.99 BOGO..

they rang up as $11.99 on multiple days..that was a $2.00 overcharged I got ding on twice but caught it! 3. JC Penneys - Well there is something in the name! They have an unexplained accounting procedure that I want to get to the bottom of.

It makes no sense for any straight forward, transparent, honest representation. I purchased some home goods online. I bought 2 of item FC 7323234...well the credit rang up at one for $19.49 and the other for $19.50 for the same item! What's up with many of the return items ringing up an extra $.01?!!

The employees said they don't know why but it was happening. So with that being your pennies at JC Penneys! Lastly consumers, watch your utility bills especially when they post a line item as "miscellaneous charges" Really? I caught mine with this "miscellaneous charge" for 3 consecutive month and questioned it.

I received conflicting stories what the charge was for from Centerpoint. So this $2.34 they added is suspect.

Have a Happy New Year 2018 and remember be kind to one another, People First and Do the Right thing (by watching your own pocketbook and credit! lol)

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Correct my credit report and remove the July 2014 , 30 day late unfair reporting. Refund $38.40 in promised shipping cost for sending me the wrong small appliance part 3 times..

I didn't like: Customer service and executive office, Dishonesty and not keep word, Long time and hurdles to resolve issues.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Dec 30, 2017.
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