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Two years ago I purchased a new front loading washer dryer set, at quite a high price. Since then I have had nothing but trouble with the washer shaking the daylights out of my house.

The excuses over the two year period have included, unit was not level, unit is only designed for a slab foundation, unit was stack (which was funny since that was part of the selling features), cloths were not loaded correctly creating an out of balance condition. Then a tech said the shocks were bad and replaced them, so I bought a service contract for a year to lower the cost but still it shook! Now, the latest tech said the drum, basket and brace all needed to be replaced. So believing in rainbows, I thought this was going to solve all the problems.

But sadly today when yet another tech arrived I am told not all the parts were ordered and I now have to wait another 10 day. In addition to waiting this tech tells me that I based on the service contract it is MY responsibility to move the washer to a location where they can work on it and it is MY responsibility to ensure all parts ordered arrive and follow upon any that do not.

What happened to the concept of SERVICE? Sears has definitely lost it since I was a child back in the 60’s. I have never in my life had a service provider expect me to do HALF to the work from them!

So I warn you, DON’T BUY SEARS and if you do or have, get your service elsewhere!

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Ranger, Texas, United States #13699

Front loaders CAN shake if they aren't set in a level place. I bought a front load washer at Best Buy and the thing literally jumped around my laundry area during the spin cycle.

I discovered the reason myself when I read the paperwork and manual that came with the washer -- the guys from Best Buy who delivered and installed it didn't remove the very long bolts that stabilize the drum during shipping. I was able to locate and remove the bolts myself but I did call Best Buy to tell them about this problem so it didn't happen to other people.

From what I've been hearing this and an uneven floor are the two biggest causes for a front loader to shake a lot. If the bolts aren't removed and you continue to operate the machine, the drum will be damaged. And I know folks who have had to buy a platform on which to set their front loader so it won't shake.

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