I posted on 8/8 about Sears terrible appliance service.

Well the beat goes on. Sears didn't come yesterday, but this am a service guy shows up at my house at 8:00. Great I thought! We can wash clothes again!

The service guy who was nice btw, took a quick look at the washer and told me that he didnt have the part. Now this is after I have already told the Sears customer service agent exactly what part we needed to fix the washer. After all, this is the 4th time that the same part has broke. It should be in my file, right? The customer service agent told me that he could not send it to me for some reason and that when the service guy came, he would have the part. I dont care just fix it!

The service guy who came here this am (who has already been here several times to fix the same washer) told me that sears would have to send me the part and then once I get the part to call back and re-schedule the appointment. We are looking at another two weeks without a washer.

This is exactly what happened when the same part broke before. Service guy arrives, he does not have the part top fix it, we re-schedule the appointment after the part arrives at our house and we waste weeks or was it months of time.

Is this a great company or what? If you want to watse your time and money, I strongly suggest that you shop at Sears!

More to follow....

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