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i have a complaint about the sears portrait studio in holyoke, ma. as a first time mom with twins, i was very excited to get portraits done. my babies were almost 11 months at the time and i had been checking out studios and capitalizing on offers they had so i could see if i wanted to continue to go there. since my plan is to get portraits done at least once a year (we have family in new york, friends all over the country and of course grandparents and aunts and uncles want pictures).

at the time you guys had a promotion for a free 10x30. i figured that'd be perfect! i could get a family picture of just our heads, it'd look cute and i could see if i wanted to stick with sears for pictures. so i made an appointment. well, i got there and waited for someone to acknowledge us and after a few minutes of standing there with workers around, some helping others, some doing... i have no idea what. a woman yells to us from another room asking what we need. i let her know we have an appointment and she said she'd be right there. which lead to more waiting for about half an hour. finally when someone came to check us in, she let us know that the 10x30 was only for one person but perhaps they could squeeze in both of my babies. so the family photo was out. after that, we were made to wait even longer! we sat there for at least an hour. my kids started getting cranky, tired and hungry. even though we packed snacks for them, they wanted to nap and play. had i knew, this appointment, would take so long, i wouldn't have even bothered. but i was very optimistic it'd be worth the waiting time. after what felt like an eternity, we finally got into the photo studio.

my daughter was tired and pissed off and wouldn't smile... not that the photographer tried all that hard beyond making a few noises. my son was adorable as can be, but was getting teeth in and drooling a lot. we took his bib off right before he went in front of the camera, but ended up with a big wet spot on his shirt anyway. there was some cute poses and the session wrapped up pretty quickly.

we waited for another 45 minutes so we could see the prints (customers before us came right out of the session and was able to view theirs so i found that interesting and we were the only ones in there after our session). we went through them and none of my daughter's pictures were good and although my son looked cute, the huge drool spot on his shirt was the first thing you saw. i was later told by someone that they could've edited that out, no one at the studio offered this or even mentioned it. we chose the photos we liked and paid for extra. we were told everything would be ready in a week.

a week later, i dropped by. i live 20 minutes away, so this is no small trip, especially with twins. the pictures we paid for were ready but not the free 10x30. i was told, i'd get a call when it arrived and was ready. i never got any call and a month later, i decided to call them and see if it was there and they forget to let me know. i called and the phone rang and rang and then disconnected. thinking it was my phone, i called again. it rang and rang and rang and rang. finally someone picked up and i told her i was calling to see if my portrait was ready. she said she'd be right with me. i sat on the phone for half an hour. i could clearly hear the workers talking to other customers and talking amongst themselves and doing absolutely nothing. so i figured i had to stop by the next day and ask. again, very inconvenient for me. i went in there and right away a worker saw me and had the print ready, handed it over and that was it. no thank you, no sorry, no nothing.

i was very unhappy with my experience to the point of, i feel like it's not even worth the free print. which we don't even have hanging up in our house because it's of such poor quality. and they said it was the only one that would fit for the 10x30 so we had no other choices. obviously, i won't be back but i feel i should let you know that your awesome promotions are being wasted. sears could have easily gotten a regular customer who is willing to spend a fair amount of money on great portraits and instead i won't ever go back even for freebies and will let everyone know of my experience.

***tried to send this exact message to sears and it says message not valid. even their online customer service is no help.***

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