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I've written your Executives in Hoffman Estates and forwarded same to Clark Howard at CBS News here in Atlanta. No transaction is legally binding until the merchandise has been delivered to the purchaser and signed for as it was in our case. That occurred on December 11, 2010. Additionally, the debit to our card occurred on December 11, 2010. The 14 day clock started ticking on December 11, 2010 and thus we are within the 14 day window described by your policy. Sears refuses to abide by their own policy. I would suggest you have your legal department explain to you the definition of when a transaction is legally consummated. Sears doesn't want me to fill out their survey because they have no interest in my what I have to say. The Internet and it's numerous blogs though are very handy tools.

Dear Mr. Freidheim:

Just a note to let you know that after 60 years of doing business with Sears I will no longer be doing so. Additionally, I will no longer step foot in any business that is owned directly or indirectly with the Sears name. My parents and Grand Parents before them shopped at Sears. That's a long history.

We bought a washer and dryer from Sears on December 10, 2010. After much research through Consumer Reports and reading customer comments we decided that it was probably a good choice. It was and remains so as of this writing. Our problem is not with the merchandise. It's with your Price Adjustment Policy.

We noticed that the price on our purchase had dropped by $385.00 by December 25, 2010. We filed a request under that policy but today received a very unprofessional response saying "Whoops! You're too late". Who writes such unprofessional responses? After over 90 minutes on the phone, talking to 6 different folks from Mumbai to I don't know where, I was simply told over and over that it was out of the 14 day policy.

I listened to all these folks tap dance on a razor blade to the point where it was obviously a waste of my time to continue asking to speak to a decision maker. Where I come from the sale isn't consummated until the merchandise has been delivered and signed for. That means our purchase didn't occur until December 11, 2010. That also means we are within the time limits of Sears Price Adjustment Policy. Additionally, our cash payment wasn't debited from our account until December 11, 2010 on the very day we took delivery of the merchandise. Until then the clock should not have been ticking. At one point we were offered a 5% refund of the purchase price which we declined.

Should we hear from you or anyone else at Sears with the promise to refund us the $385.00 we requested then of course we would revisit our current decision to no longer frequent your store fronts. Should we never receive a response then there is simply no re-thinking to do. We have no interest in gift cards from Sears as well. We simply want Sears to do the right thing and return the difference in price between what we paid and what it was reduced to a few days later. Not to much to ask for in the world I come from and goes a long way towards customer service that up to this point has been almost nonexistent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $385.

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We just bought a computer from Sears, and they dropped the price a few days later.. now we are trying to figure out how to get the money we have been overcharged $200.00.

btw, the way they lost the order and we never got the computer but stil paid $1,000.00


Max: You read with as much attention to detail as you write. The monies were exchanged on December 11 not December 10 as you noted.

Additionally, nowhere in that letter does it mention a copy to a DA. Outside of Sears a copy went to a local Consumer Advocate.

You'd make a good Sears customer service agent. You don't listen and completely overlook detail.


You had the washer and dryer delivered the next day. My guess is that you needed the unit ASAP and could not have waited anyway.

The 14 days should have been enough time for you to get out to see if there were any other deals on the units. I am sure they are great models and the money you paid was worth it.

Chalk it up and be happy you got a washer when you needed it. If it was backordered you would be crying over that.


I am not a fan of sears either, but legally, the transaction occurs when an exchange of money takes place. That was 12/10/10 for ya'll, so quit your complaining.

Funny that you sent the letter to the local DA. I am sure the entire staff will get a chuckle out of your letter, and think it is cute that you send one to them.