Los Angeles, California

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am completely dissatisfied with Sears service, products, and repairs. I bought a Kenmore upright freezer and experienced *** for the past month.

Bought mentioned product on 09/07/2012 and picked up from Santa Monica Store in CA. It was a lemon that did not work, period.

Sears replaced it with another Kenmore on 09/13/2012. It turned out, again, it was a defective product.

Contacted Sear customer service and they assigned a repair appointment on 09/29/2012 between 1-5 pm. The tech arrived 5:30 pm without a courtesy call for being late. No customer communication on delayed repair schedule. Sears messed up my schedule for that day waiting for their delivery for over 5 hours. I had to track the tech through Sears customer service Dept. The tech determined that the product is non repairable and need replacement.

Sears scheduled a replacement on 10/04/2012. The delivery window was from 2:45-4:45 pm. The delivery arrived at 5:40 pm. Again, they messed up my work schedule without any notification of being late. Also, extremely bad customer service from Santa Monica Store manager (Sonia). I requested compensation for lost food due to the replacement but she presented the case to me as if I was at fault since she was nice enough to gave me a free $70 worth of delivery. Can you imagine a perk to the customer for Sears picking up a defective product that they sold.

Now, I realized that Santa Monica store manager (Sonia) was correct and I was at fault for buying this product from Sears. Now, I understand that I should have bought it from Costco or other reputable places that are catered for customer service and good quality.

Please forward this letter to the CEO and upper managers of Sears. Maybe they will be able to save the last of this company.

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I was told that too, that I should be thankful they provided a free delivery to my door... even though what they delivered was damaged and unusable, it was FREE DELIVERY...

Oh my gosh... the insanity. I feel for you, we bought a fridge from Sears 2 years ago.

It was a mess, and we ended up going 5 weeks IN THE SUMMER HEAT without a refrigerator, while they sent 4 different repairmen out, ordered parts, missed appointments while I sat alone waiting for no one to show up, installed 2 new motherboards, and still couldn't fix the thing!!! I went to the store in person, made a huge stink until they brought me a CASH refund (they will rip you off with a "credit card refund"), and bought a fridge at Lowes.


That is why I stopped shopping at Sears. They forgot what customer service is. :p :p :p