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I purchased a 52" lcd tv last year on a 24 mnth "no interest no payments" promotion in june 08. little did i know that harassing phone calls would start the next month and every couple months after for a year. now they tell me they don't do 24 mnths no interest no payments only 12 mnths.

my receipt clearly states promotion end date aug. 1 2010!!! i have made repeated calls and sent letters and copies of the receipt per their request. now all they tell me is "sorry sir but we can't do that".

sept. 09

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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In my experience working at SEAR'S, I've noticed that the best way to get anything accomplished is by going to the store itself.Because in the past my store has had similar problems like your own, which was resolved by getting a manager to run around and to make alot of calls to people so that the problem itself can go away. So my advice is to go to that certain store and ask for a manager.

Fultondale, Alabama, United States #73945

Then just don't pay them until 2010. You might also want to file a complaint so they will stop harrassing you.

Thanks for the heads up and letting us know.

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