Marikina, Manila
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about sears PA

I think we should review everything re the agreement before getting it. They may seem too god to be true but its really with the understanding of each PA sears have the key to get better svc.

In the PAs it doesnt state that they will prioritize you in exchange of cust without PA

You may call them anytime but cant be svc at your own convinience

So may recommendation, try to review ur documents re the sears PA so you will know and try to think twice before renewing it.

Hope this helps

concerned chick thanks

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There's a faction of the company that believes they can make just as much off of hourly service calls AND more importantly sell them service or a protection agreement of somekind.So you get to bill the customer and sell them a plan at the sametime.

Home service is getting like carry-in repair service in which many people don't realize that sometimes they only ship out repair one or two times a week-same for receiving.Basically when you get it nobody knows.

Unless the company spends more on overtime and training there won't be enough techs for faster reposne times.

And speaking of reading alot of store associates don't read these things either.Especially on the repair agreement or carry-in service they'll sell the agreements to contractors which use the item commercially which is not covered.

They really are hoping you won't use them period