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We are in the middle of an ordeal with Sears repair. We turned on our relatively new air conditioner because we knew a warm up was coming.

It didn't work, so we call the service number on Monday (05/26). I get somebody in India who thinks that if they use an American sounding name I won't realize where my call is going to. Problem is someone forgot to tell her that Doug is NOT a female name!

We schedule an appointment, technician comes out on Wednesday (05/28) and says it’s a bad fan motor and he will emergency order the part. He schedules to come back on Monday(06/02), but adds that if the part shows up earlier to call and see if there are any appointments open.

Saturday (05/31) arrives, no motor I am wondering what exactly "emergency order" means! I call my ever helpful non-english speaking customer service representative. At least the name matches the sex, although they must have been having a *** them day because her name was Foxy. She told me the part was backordered, that didn't make me happy to say the least.

I tell her I'm not happy and I take a long journey back to the states where they ship "difficult" consumers like me. I speak to my first English speaking representative; he says "No, the part isn't backordered it just wasn't ordered till Friday (05/30). I again ask for a clarification of "emergency order" and an answer as to why if the technician was here on the 28th was the part not ordered till the 30th?

No answer to that question! So, I get the pleasure of a third transfer during this call. I actually get another English speaker...whoo hoo, must be my lucky day! She says the part has not yet shipped, but wants to let me know the good news that it is not backordered! She said the part was ordered on the 28th, I see an opening to ask my favorite question, so I am all over it. "What", I ask ever so hopefully is an "emergency order?"

With a tone that reflects her delight in being able to enlighten me she says. "an emergency order allows us to rush the shipment of your part to you." She then adds "we don't do them for everyone; they have to be approved by a supervisor."

At this point I am feeling so special that I almost forget I don't have a part, but then reality sets back in. I ask then why don't I have a motor? She isn't sure, but it should be shipped out Monday (06/02). For those keeping track that is the day it was supposed to be here!

Later on during the day (05/31) I am outside and miss a phone call from the South Asian division of Sears. Miffy, Missy, Mousy???? Something to that affect leaves a message that I need to call and reschedule my appointment.

I call and get another player in the cast of ever changing characters Sears uses for customer support! Much to my utter amazement they have no idea why I am calling! I just don't have the energy, so I just hang up.

Today (06/01) I have the great fortune of getting a call from an English speaking representative who says they need to reschedule my appointment, my motor should be here Tueday (06/03). The earliest appointment time they have available is Thursday (06/05).

I have no faith in any of this happening. I will never, ever, ever buy a Sears product of any kind again. Clothing, tools, appliances, none of it ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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If Sears's call centers are in the US why did everyone I speak with sound India? I had big go around with Sears on my Fridge.

The tech didn't show after we receive the part and we lost 200 dollars worth of food. We got the blue light special of tech people.


When you can muster up enough energy or grasp of the English lanuguage to spell the word please, then I'll do some research! The above is my opinon and I will continue to speak it loudly and often. Now run on back to the Sears counter so that you can sell some more defective products!


Sears call centers are in the united states only so plz before you post something so some research first