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Do not expect satisfaction with the Sears Protection Agreement. Case No.24084472.

Send in a camera for an issue under the protection agreement. It comes back. I do not use it until 2 months later. Same problem as sent in.

Procrastinate so gets sent back a month later for same issue. (3 months between.) Returned with not of customer abuse. Again, procrastinate so contact again today, 4 months later. Told it was "liquid damage." Huh?

And this is not covered. When state same problem as first time and never repaired, told; "Liquid damage so we can not repair it under the protection agreement." I state is same problem. I am told had liquid damage so it can not be sent back. So, how does same problem, never corrected, become an customer abuse issue?

Sounds like a way to not have to deal with their own warranty. Guess selling something that will not be delivered on makes the company money.

Monetary Loss: $278.

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