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On 2/18/08 my husband and I went to Sears Hardware to purchase a toolbox. While we were shopping we noticed a pool table that was marked down from $249.99 to $125.00. The sign stated that the item was discontinued. We decided this sounded like a good deal and we wanted to purchase it. I combed the store for an associate to assist me to no avail. I then went to the register and asked the associate working there if she could find someone to assist me as I was interested in purchasing the pool table on clearance. It took 15 minutes for her to find anyone to help me. When the associate did arrive to help me I explained that I wanted to purchase this pool table that was on clearance. He said no problem and set out to locate the item. 20 minutes later he returns and states that I cannot have the item for the price listed on the sign that the price was for the floor model only. I pointed out to him that the sign said the item was discontinued and there was no mention that the reduction was for the floor model or that it would be an as is purchase. Additionally I told him I had been an employee of Sears in the past and had been responsible for setting up displays and signs and I knew what the sign was to say if it was a floor model only purchase. The associate, David was growing frustrated as he could not explain why he could not honor the price on the sign or why the sign was worded the way it was if it was meant only for the floor model. I asked to speak to his manager. David said he was out having a cigarette break and he would be right in to help. Another 20 minutes later, the manager Keith comes over to talk to us. Again we are told that the price is for the floor model only. I explain to him that this is not what the sign says and he shrugs his shoulders and says sorry. My husband growing upset asks to speak to his manager. My husband tells the manager Keith that he owns his own business and that he would never treat a customer this way. Then David, who is now helping another customer, starts getting into it with my husband in front of the other customer. David says to my husband, “where do you work because I'll be sure not to go there because you are a ***”. He then calls my husband a ***, tells us we are ***, and states he wants to take my husband outside to fight and does not care if he loses his job. David actually walked away from the customer he was with to yell at us. Throughout this whole ordeal the manager just stands there and does nothing. He has no control over the situation or his employee what so ever. The manager gives my husband the Customer Service number and we leave.

The very next morning I call the Customer Service number to file a complaint. I speak to Kelly. Just as I finish explaining the whole ordeal their phone conveniently disconnects me. I call back and speak to Joseph. Joseph states that what I just told Kelly was not entered into the computer and there was no record of the call. I again have to explain my story. After going through everything a second time, Joseph can do nothing and puts me through to an HR representative named Henry. Now even though I have told my story twice and it has been entered into the system by Joseph, I am asked to tell it AGAIN. After telling Henry all of the details he puts me on hold to call the store manager, Keith to see if he can resolve the issue. 10 minutes later Henry comes back to the phone and says he spoke to Keith and Keith is unwilling to honor the price and therefore there is nothing more he can do because the manager makes the ultimate decision. Henry said that the store manager, Keith admitted that the sign was wrong and the product was wrongly advertised but he would not do anything about it. I am thinking, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Obviously the store manager, Keith is not going to agree to the price or we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. At any rate, Henry offers to transfer me to Sherry so that I can file a formal complaint. Of course I have to tell my story yet again to Sherry. Sherry takes my complaint and informs me that Sears’s protocol states that I have to wait 48 hours to give the store manager, Keith, the opportunity to call me to try to resolve the issue. If he does not call or the issue is not resolved I can call back after the 48 hours has passed and request to speak to the district manager. To no surprise the store manager, Keith, did not call.

Today, 2/22/08 I called the Customer Service line again. I speak to a lady named Judy, explain that I have waited my 48 hours and I now want to speak to the district manager. Judy tells me that I was "misinformed". Judy says that my complaint against the associate, David and the manager, Keith has been filed but it is an internal matter and is confidential so therefore I would not receive a call back nor would I be given any information as to the result of my complaint. In addition, Judy states that my price complaint has been closed, that the store manager, Keith is the person with the ultimate authority in the matter and if the HR representative, Henry couldn't get Keith to honor the price then that was all they could do. Judy refused to let me get in contact with the district manager and refused to let me speak to her manager. I decided to call back and try again. I spoke to Tracy who reiterated Judy's statements and also refused to let me speak to anyone else. This is what they call Customer Service? Does anyone care about the customer anymore? I am just baffled that a store that has been in business for so many years really does not care about those of us who are keeping them in business.

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Kinross, Michigan, United States #22960


After 11 phone calls to 1800-4-my-home. They lied made my appointment for a week after they had confirmed on the phone.

I called to ask why they didn't show up and they don't care that it was their mistake. Finally the guy came to fix was wrong and broke something else. Called to tell them that their tech broke my icemaker and water line not working. The next available was in 1 week even if they were at fault.

The customer service rep Justin said "That's all we have take it or leave it!" That's so professinal, then I asked to speak to a supervisor and he transferred me back to the main menu. That is just so rude!! They honestly don't care and they lie on the phone just to get rid of you and transfer the call. There is no authority to call and make a complaint.

They all cover for each other.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #9451
:x I will NEVER do business with them EVER AGAIN! I have been without a fridge for 11 days.

I bought i brand new 5 months ago and it has cost me to miss 6 days from work not to mention all the food we lost & the cost of ice to keep things in a coolerfor 11 days!

Sears SUCKS! I will NEVER do business with them again and I will make sure I let everyone I know that they have horrible products and even worse customer service!

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