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Recently, I had a dream. It was a dream to replace my old stove with a brand new ceramic top electric range. After shopping around one weekend, I decided to make my purchase at Sears Home & Appliance in Windsor Ontario. I almost purchased a range at a competitor in the same plaza, but was lured into buying my stove from Sears with the promise of a product price match plus an additional 10% off the sale price, kind of. I was told that even though they did not have the model I wanted in stock, they could get it for me. Come time to ring up my purchase, and i realize that the 10% off is 10% off the price difference, which amounted to about 20 bucks. Fine, whatever, it's still 20 dollars more I have in my pocket at the end of the day. I was content with my purchase, thinking I was a smart consumer for shopping around. I felt good about myself.

Fast forward 1 week later to Saturday afternoon. Delivery truck shows up.

Stove comes off the truck, and upon first inspection, everything looks great. I open the oven door, only to find out it is a different model then I ordered. The delivery guys tell me to take it for now, and they will swap it out later for the right one. I called Sears to explain what happened, they tell me there going to look into it. They tell me that they will call me back before the end of the day. So 5 minutes before they are about to close I pick up the phone and give them a call. The proceed to tell me that the model I wanted was exclusive to the competitors store, and will I take 50 bucks to keep a model that I didn't even order. I guess i am a little high maintenance when it comes to actually receiving what I paid for, because the 50 dollars in hush money didn't fly with me. When I was adamant about receiving the model the assured me they could get, the said it would cost me an extra $100. I lost my composure, respectfully.

The next day I trekked down to Sears to deal with them in person. I wanted to speak to the manager. The manager did not want to deal with me, so as he hid in his office, he got the sales manager to speak with me. They end up telling me that they can get that model after all, and that I would receive it for the original negotiated price. For the mean time, I was told to continue using the wrong model until the new one arrived. I had to end up calling them up a week later to ask when I would be receiving the new stove, to which they replied " oh, ya, when do you want us to drop that off for you?" They did not process the new order until I called them up to inquire. When they did process the new order, they put a second charge on my credit card for the stove i had yet to receive. They told me It would be an additional week before I would get it delivered.

Finally the stove i ordered is getting delivered 3 weeks later, and I can put this little mishap behind me. So once again, a Saturday afternoon spent

waiting at home, the delivery guys show up. Before they even pull it off the truck, they tell me that there's something I might want to take a look at. This time, the stove is damaged, significantly. The corner of the bottom storage drawer is smashed in. I refuse the delivery and send them on there way. After a pleasant, calm, relaxing phone conversation with Sears costumer service,it was decided that they would try bringing me the stove I ordered so long ago, one more time. Its got to work out eventually, right?!?!? Laws of average ?! Two weeks later, it's redemption day. Delivery driver guys are going to show up with my brand spanking new, stainless steel, ceramic top electric range. I cant' wait! I mean, I already have for about a month now, but there going to get it right this time. Delivery guys show up, I let them know right off the hop, that damaged or not, i am swapping out stoves so I can at least get one of them off my credit card. As i am pulling my door off the hinges for the third time, he come up to me and once again tells me that I should really take a

look at this before they pull it off the truck. I tell him that I know he's joking with me, (it was the same guys as last time) and ha ha and all

that funny stuff. Nope. No Joke. The bottom of the stove looked like it fell off a 2 story balcony. How it even got loaded on there truck I will never know. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out from the front cab of the truck, with his camera crew, notifying me that I was somehow worthy of being "punked" , and here is my real stove plus I will be on TV.

No Ashton, no camera crew, just a punk standing in the road with smashed

up electric range. Needless to say, I went to Sears that afternoon and told them to get there stove out of my house, and give me all my money back. They came and picked up there other stove asap. They have yet to remove the charges from my credit card.

This was by far the most horrible retail customer service experience I have ever had to date.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #266166

my mother went to sears auto because tire was thumping they sold her everything they could except a tire which had a broken steel belt when she told me it was still doing the same thing i went back with car and told them to check the tire which by the way they said they balanced the tires i wathed them try to balance it it was egg shape so they replaced tire then i told the manager we were even because you sold her things she didn,t need or put back parts you needlessly replaced he said they don,t have them so i said then the tire is mine he said if i leave he,ll call police i said goahead i,ll wait finally he said just go because i started telling all the people in the store why i was there some people left i guess he was afraid all his customers would leave


I gave dealt with sears too over a stove , not happy either. The stove was damaged when it was supposed to be new.

I returned without hassle but it was a great waste of my time and gas and energy.

Shopping else where from now on. !

:eek I shop the Sears Outlet store near my home. The prices are considerably less & most appliances have only minor blemishes.

The selection is much wider and the full original manufacturer's warranty is given on your purchases.

My guess is that the Sears folks have been pulling scratch & dents that match your order to avoid losing $ on the deal you made. Some buyers often aren't that picky & if you don't make a fuss, they unload damaged goods on you.

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