Made purchase, never received item. I Contacted Sears whom I made purchase through.

I was told by Sears they can not do anything about getting refund back because Sears purchased item thew outside merchant. WT!!!

$850.00 item I never received and cant get anyone to help me get my refund back. I was instructed to contact the merchant they ordered from. I tried several times, left several messages.

Why Am I having to do this. The purchase was made through Sears. I did not order from anyone else yet I'm having to fight to get refunded with a company I never heard of. (Direct Furnishing, Phone number 714-406-5565, Email Address :jackiehoang16@gmail.com) NEVER WILL I PURCHASE FROM SEARS AGAIN.

This has been a nightmare. This company Direct furnishing is some rip off fly by night company Sears deals with.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Washington, United States #923721

Did you order it online? They have several "marketplace" vendors, and these aren't people who Sears "deals with," you made the purchase directly with the other company.

It's just like making a purchase from someone on eBay (you pay eBay, and the money goes to the seller). You have to contact the seller, just like you would there.

Amazon has the same sort of thing, marketplace sellers who are not part of Amazon. If you look at the search listings, you can select a setting to only show items actually sold by Sears.

to Laura San Francisco, California, United States #1015698

The same situation happened to me, i'm currently fighting for a refund, then I will report to BBB and Sears Corporate! I purchased furniture thru Sears Online who used their 3rd party vendor, Direct Furnishing.

I received an email receipt and tracking number (which is bogus). The item never arrived and was told to contact Direct Furnishing at 7144065565. The number and email DOES NOT WORK. Then I called the shipping company to verify shipment, and my shipping information doesn't exist.

Direct Furnishing is a SCAM! What a big fat wast of time!

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