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I have spent 2 days trying to get service re my Sears refrigerator, only to be told by Pamela in their Customer "Solutions" group that Sears does not stand by what their instruction manual says. I bought a reversable door Stainless fridge where the doors can be reversed to open from the opposite side knowing that we were going through a remodel and may have to change the way the door swings open.

It was advertised as reversible and the instruction manual gives about a 15 step instruction on how to reverse EXCEPT the door is not reversible! It Does not have the alternate openings on the door for hinges etc...

The worse part is that the Pamela said that it was not under warranty. I claimed it was not a warranty issue but a truth in advertising and business ethics issue. In addition, try getting through to supervisors at Sears Customer Service group.

Sears provides neither "service" nor "solutions" with their call center - THE MOST CONSISTENTLY POORLY MANAGED CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

I did buy a lot of tools from Sears - not anymore.

I don't like misleading advertising nor being treated rudely by their customer service staff. Dom

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Fenton, Missouri, United States #544507

Just an update. Sears had contacted from a "special" group where I was told, bluntly, there is no remaining warranty (it was not a warranty issue, but a misleading or false advertising issue) and that they were not going to respond to me again.

Sears sucks!

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