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This is a major complaint that needs addressed because of the defect in your Kenmore Side by Side refrigerator continues to break. I purchased model 253.5466340A in Nov.

of 2005. In Dec. 2006 the water arm paddle broke off when I pushed a glass against it. I was highly disappointed with the quality of the material used to make this piece, a cheap plastic.

Since the 1 year warranty expired a month earlier, I had to pay $235.67 for parts and labor to fix it. But I thought OK now this should be good for 15 or 20 years. But I was wrong. In July of 2008 the exact same watering arm piece snapped off again and broke while someone was pressing against it with a glass to get water.

This design must be defective, the materials used to make it sub par. You expect a major purchase like this to last years. I was hesitant to buy Kenmore because I didn't think it was known as a strong, dependable brand. However after visiting the store and talking with a salesman I was convinced otherwise and purchased a stove, dishwasher and refrigerator.

I'm beginning to regret this. I'm in need of a washer & dryer and was considering shopping at Sears but my confidence is lacking.I cannot spend $235 every year to have this water arm replaced. Your company needs to come up with a new piece that can be installed so this won't happen again. I'm sure you have other complaints from people who have this model, I've read the blogs.

This defect needs to be corrected. Please provide a solution to this problem that won't cost me additional monies out of pocket. If I spend $235 to fix this (only to have it break in a year again), it will nearly have cost half of what I paid for the refrigerator to begin with and it is only 3 years old.

I would appreciate your immediate and thorough attention in solving this matter. Thank You

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Kent, England, United Kingdom #23510

I would check to see if there have been any recall notices.I would try to find out who actually made it and check with that manufacturer as well.

If you can find a list of source codes the first 3 numbers of your model number are the source code or manufacturer of your refrigerator.

Either that or simply start repairing it yourself.Use you model number to look up the part number and cost.There are plenty of how to sites on the internet.And if you do decide to buy a service contract to cover these repairs make sure they cover parts like the dispenser paddle.Also SHOP around,Sears is not the only one who repairs appliances.

I agree the quality in product has deteriorated over the years,It's going to wind up costing you the cost of a new refrigerator just to cover an accessory like the water dispenser.

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